Conrolling hallway lights and living room lights using a single motion sensor


I have smart led bulbs in hallway and in the living room. I want the hallway lights to turn on when i come close to it. I want since I tried to use same sensor for hallway and living room lights, the hallway lights dont turn off since I am in the living room and there is motion detected.

Should I buy another sensor for the hallway?

Yes, if you want them to turn on/off separately, you will need separate sensors.

Can I not use my smartphone as a presence sensor to turn on and turn off the hallway lights?

Please advise

Do you mean use your phone as a presence sensor within individual rooms of your house? It might be possible if you use ibeacons.

Yes Mark. Basically when I enter the hallway with a presence sensor( say my iphone) the lights should turn on and should turn off within one minute after I move away from hallway.

Phone presence is nowhere near that precise. Geo-fencing is within about 1/4 miles. so unless you live in an old English castle phone presence is not going to know what room you are in. Unless as previously stated you have Bluetooth beacons and even then depending on the layout it will only determine a 2-3 room area not whether you are in the living room or connected hallway

I live in a 820 square feet one bedroom apartment. My hallway and living
room are connected and the distance between the light in hallway and the
place I sit in living room will be 30 feet.

So motion sensor or open close sensor is the best option for me ?


Yes, a motion on the wall so it only sees hallway and not the living room, or a contact sensor , combination of both would be your best option.

Can you please explain how to use a combination of motion sensor and
contact sensor?

If you have two sets of lights in two rooms that you want to control then just get two motion sensors.