Connecting Existing Open/Close Sensors To New SmartThings Hub

Hello everyone. I am new to the SmartThings community and have just today received by hub in the mail. I have an existing security system which already has three open/close sensors, 2 thermostats, one in-wall zwave outlet and one glass break detector and I would like to connect these to my hub. The problem is that these are already mounted to walls and it would be difficult to pull these out and put these close to the hub to configure. The in-wall outlet was detected immediately I think because it is relatively close to the hub but none of the other devices can be found. Are there any tricks to getting these things to pair without physically removing them from the walls? Both thermostats are 2gig and I’m unsure of the brand of the open/close sensors. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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I just figured out a way to do this using my existing sensors: