Connect Virtual Thermostat to Temperature Sensor

(Gene Clark) #1

I’ve installed a virtual thermostat and was wondering if there’s a way to have the temperature reading that it shows be linked to a temperature sensor. Thanks!

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #2

Which Virtual Thermostat DTH?

If it has an “updateTemperature()” (or similar Command) defined, then it is a pretty trivial SmartApp to call this Command whenever a subscribed Temperature Sensor is updated.

(Gene Clark) #3

Simulated thermostat.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #4

Yup… The SmartThings “Simulated Thermostat” has a “setTemperature()” Command that you can use in a SmartApp to write the Temperature from a Temperature Sensor. It also then evaluates the temperature value to see if that triggers heating or cooling.