Lighting race condition?

I’m using a lamp as a wake up “clock” for my son. I want to turn it on in the morning super dim with a certain color (tells him it’s not quite time to get up yet, so don’t come ask us!). The night before we would have turned off the lamp having full brightness. Problem is that I think there’s a race condition happening between the “on” command which resumes the previous lighting (full brightness the night before) and the set scene command from the canned smart lighting app in SmartThings. It sometimes comes on full brightness and other times comes on dim. Not sure how best to avoid or resolve this race condition. Any good ideas?

Brand and model of the Light?

And what specifically are you using to set up the automation?

Regardless, one of the easiest ways to avoid this kind of issue with many models is use a dim down at night instead of a hard off. That leaves it ready for the next morning.

Phillips Hue with the Hue remote used to turn it off. Using Smart Lights by SmartThings in the marketplace to turn on a scene at a specific time. I can’t think of a clean way to dim down the Philips Hue with the press of the OFF button on the remote.

Hue Labs has a formula for exactly this: “prepare me to go to sleep.” Fades with a long press on the dimmer. :sleeping:

Might be worth a try.

Would be a good option if the fade out time was customizable to be shorter than 5 minutes. I want it instant. I might end up just having to program the remote to have a dim scene, so I can toggle to that dim scene and then press off. Kind of manual and requires an extra button but I don’t know a better way.