Completely Disappointed

Nope, definitely not unreasonable, but unfortunately, subject to “small print”.

Do you mean…

  • from the mobile UI?
  • on a schedule?
  • via a Community developed SmartApp?
  • with a Hue Device Type that is still “in SmartThings Labs”?
  • when your Internet connection is down?
  • if the light is on the very edges of the range of a ZigBee or Z-Wave network with random RF interference in the area?

Not excusing SmartThings instability… Just saying that a large portion of the problems are not simple to solve, and some are completely outside of ST’s control.

Jeff Hagins (CTO) spoke about reliability stats and targets at a past open Developer’s Call. It’s on YouTube.

13:07 - Jeff is talking about availability - 99.99, long term, 99.999%