Collaborators Required - ESP32, New UPnP Library

Hi Everyone, new and first post to the community.

Had a ST Hub for sometime now and have been working on my own DiY “things” using ESP32 boards.
Some great work out there on github such as Wemo and Hue Hub emulators, but nothing that would
allow me to create and communicate with ST with a more complex thing easily. So I decided to write my
own ESP32 Library based on the UPnP protocol (may add a RESTful interface in the near future).

For now I am looking for two things:

  1. Testers for the UPnP library who have ESP32 boards etc.
  2. Collaborators to help me develop the required ST devicetype and smartapp(s) that can interrogate
    the ESP32 and adjust tiles, actions etc. depending on what capabilities the ESP32 reports back.

Anyway, happy to discuss in more detail with those who have an interest and willing to help!

Thanks and Regards

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You can take a look at my ST_Anything project for examples of using microcontrollers with SmartThings & Hubitat. It might give you some ideas on how to handle the ST Groovy Device Handler side of things. You cannot really dynamically add/remove tiles from a device… however, you can add Child devices on the fly, based on what data is sent to ST. This is exactly how ST_Anything’s Parent/Child Device handlers work.

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@EZIoT, I’m up for testing. I’ve got a couple of projects I’ve been meaning to work on where this could be useful. If I end up starting on those I may even find some time to contribute. Are you planning on doing this in arduino-land or with the mfg’s SDK directly?

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Hi Patrick, thanks for the interest!

So the library has been written using the espressif arduino-esp32 SDK, but at the moment I have only
built using platformio, but it should work OK under the Arduino IDE as an imported library.

The library is a fully fledged UPnP implementation with full SSDP notifications, UPnP GENA subscriptions, support for OTA and a few other things!

I have had it running a light controller for the last few months with no issues.

I currently have a basic ST Device Handler SmartApp working, but still trying to get to grips with Groovy!!!

So if anyone can tell me how I can pass a Map from the SmartApp to the Child Device(s) you will save my sanity :slight_smile:

Thank you so much, really impressed with your work on ST_Anything!!!

I’m sure your hard work will serve as a good reference point for me.

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If anyone is interested in giving the library a go, the ESP32 code is here

and the groovy SMartApp and DTH’s are here

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