I’m curious if anyone has explored Chromecast integration for voice output. I could imagine powering a separate A/V receiver for speaker output to each room for informative announcements (virtual doorbell, door/window open, door not locked, emergencies from connected smoke detectors, etc.) and using Chromecast for wireless audio distribution. Or should this be approached from the opposite direction - support for some audio app which has Chromecast support?

Of course the next challenge is intelligently determining when and where to send various announcement types. You may not want laundry announcements going to the kids rooms after bedtime, for example, but you would want them to broadcast to the living room and master bedroom.

If it supports DLNA, there’s already a smartapp that will work. Many community members use voice announcements with many different audio devices, including some smart TVs. See:

The following thread from the Google forums is about a year old, but indicates there are several casting apps available for Android that enable DLNA.!topic/chromecast/QbL215Ldfyo


It doesn’t show up in the discovery process for that app (already tried that) but I’ll check out the enabling apps and see where I get. Direct integration would be preferred of course, that way I don’t need to be running a PC app somewhere to make it work.

Did anyone find out about this?