Changing Tile Colors

Is there any way to change the entire color of a tile? I know how to change the color of a button but with a tile 1x2 you get a squashed circle for the button and using colors looks odd.

Rookie coder here so be nice.


Bump. Guessing this is not possible?

What type of Tile?

  • standardTile?
  • valueTile?

valueTile color can be changed (RTMF :smiling_imp:)…

A valueTile. I’ve done that as follows:

    valueTile("power", "device.power", width: 2, height: 1, decoration: "flat") {
        state "default", label: '${currentValue} W', backgroundColors:[
			[value: 0, color: "#44b621"],
			[value: 500, color: "#e86d13"],
			[value: 1000, color: "#d04e00"]

And i get this:


I want to color the whole rectangle. Doesn’t look like there’s a way.

And yes, I had RTFM already … :wink:


Yah… that’s a shame.

  • I guess it depends on SmartThings’s definition of “background”.
  • I thought that decoration: "flat" should disable the Circle. I swear it did, actually. Maybe there’s a different flag?

Lemme search through the SmartThings Community GitHub (or have you checked?).

Admittedly, no. Not totally fluent in finding my way around there yet.

I have to use the decoration: “flat” to get decent font sizing in iOS else the text is tiny. In other cases decoration: “flat” removes the circle button icon.


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The option “foregroundColors” is present in a bunch of DTH’s that are not in GitHub (just search the Forum…), but I haven’t found evidence it ever worked and is likely deprecated now.

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Okay, thanks. Yeah, have not seen that in any doc.

UPDATE: While it doesn’t error out it just does nothing.

Thanks for trying to help!

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No problem!

Though this Forum software needs to be able to modify the tag below my name from “HELPFUL” to “TRYING TO BE HELPFUL” :grimacing: :laughing: