Changing Hub's configuration - Smartthings CLI


I’m trying to enable disable some features in smartthings hub V3 using smartthings cli, but I can’t find anyway to do so.

Any idea on how we could change the following options? (Specially Z-Wave security option)

Device Integration Info (from hub)
 Hub Eui                            
 Firmware Version                   000.048.00005
 Zwave S2                           true
 Zigbee3                            true
 Hardware Type                      V3_HUB
 Zigbee Unsecure Rejoin             true
 Zwave Static Dsk                   
 Hardware Id                        0020
 Zigbee Firmware                    5.4.7
 Zigbee Ota                         ENABLED
 Ota Enable                         false
 Primary Support Availability
 Secondary Support Availability
 Zigbee Availability                Available
 Zwave Availability                 Available
 Thread Availability                Available
 Lan Availability                   Available
 Matter Availability                Available
 Local Virtual Device Availability  Available
 Primary Hub Device Id
 Zigbee Channel                     24
 Zigbee Pan Id
 Zigbee Eui                         
 Zigbee Node ID                     0000
 Zwave Node ID                      01
 Zwave Home ID                      
 Zwave Suc ID                       01
 Zwave Version                      6.04
 Zwave Region                       US
 Mac Address                        
 Local IP                           
 Zigbee Radio Functional            true
 Zwave Radio Functional             true

Are you talking about the Zigbee Unsecure Rejoin option? I am not aware of any Z-Wave security options that can be set. The Zigbee Unsecure Rejoin can be set in the ST app.

Disabling Zwave S2 (Z-wave secure protocol)

Haven’t seen any way to do that.

What’s the reason for wanting to disable S2? Zwave is backwards compatible, so it shouldn’t change anything with regard to non-S2 devices. And most individual Z wave devices have the option to add at a lower level of security if the issue is some thing like setting up associations. :thinking:

August Lock Pro is giving me a really bad time with S2 security setup. I’d like to test it without secure setup.

It looks like many other users are having hard time with August Lock Pro.