Change virtual switch status (without changing device status)

Hi All, looking for some help with webCoRE if at all possible.

Is there a way to change a virtual switch from off to on without changing the status of the associated devices? I have a virtual switch setup called “Living Room” which has a floor lamp, table lamp and the TV linked to it. If one of these devices is switched on I would also like the “Living Room” switch to appear as on, but not change the status of the other devices.

Here’s an example - My table lamp automatically comes on in the evening, I would turn my TV on manually thus leaving one device in the group switched off (Floor Lamp). However I still want to use the Living Room virtual switch to turn off the two active devices at the same time but I can’t because it’s already in the off state.

Any suggestions welcome and apologies if this has been covered before.

If I’m understanding it correcttly, you can try the following:

If any of lamp switch, tv switch, or floor lamp switch is on
  with Living Room switch
     Turn on
  end with;
end if;

The above will just watch the status off those three and will turn on Living Room switch if any of them are on/turns on.

Thanks for the quick response.

I did try that, but if I switch on one device in the Living Room group that also triggers the other two devices. In some cases I want to turn these devices on individually and not trigger the other devices.

Ok so how did you do that linking? Virtual switches by default don’t do anything? So SOMETHING is causing it to automate the other switches?

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The 3 devices are linked via an automation in SmartThings then assigned to the Virtual switch. Here’s a screen shot from SmartThings and a copy of the Piston I have at the moment.


You need to pick which way you want it to work because it won’t work both ways.

if you want to have all your stuff in the LR come on when you hit the “Living Room” switch then that’s what it will be locked into doing. However, if you want to hit the “Living Room” switch and have nothing happen then you can configure the switch so that it shows you the state of things in the Living room.

But you can’t have both. You could make a new switch and call it something else and have it show you the state of things in the Living Room, or make a new one to actually turn on and off the stuff in there. But you need two switches if you want it to work that way.


Thanks for the response Mike that makes sense in terms of webCoRE/Pistons. I’ve ended up creating two routines, one for living room on and one for living room off. That way I don’t need to worry if some devices are on and others are off.

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