Change the icon for created routines

I tried a search for this - so - sorry if it’s been asked before. I created a few routines that are time triggered. Is there a way I can change the default ‘routine’ icon?

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IDK that you can… they seam to choose an icon based off the name given to it. So far that has been my experience. SO… id say if you don’t like the icon change the name of the routine till you do :wink:

I’ve played around with the names to see what I get. I’ve found that “Good Morning” gives you a yellow sunrise, “Good Night” gives you a blue moon and stars, and “Goodbye” gives you red with a guy walking away. Good evening gives you a blue button with a white check mark while everything else I’ve tried gives me a grey button check marked.

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Looks like it’s tied to the name, as you’ve shown - wish there was a way to create your own, right? Thanks for replying!

They do?

All I get is check marks

The GoodBye icon is a sasquatch. :wink: It totally looks like a big foot to me!

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You are correct Android has different routine icons


A few weeks ago support reset my Routines and after doing so I had the individual icons on my Galaxy S3.

I ended up renaming them to the logic I had at the time. As discussed, after doing so my icons changed to the default check marks.

Since then I went back to the suggested Routines but the icons did not come back.

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I was looking for answers with the same questions about whether or not I can customize the icon, i guess that’ll remain as a question for now.

What I do know is for you to get the Sun, Moon, Sasquatch, and Person icon, it has to be named exactly as below.
“Good Morning!”
"Good Night!"
I’m Back!”

Change the spacing, case, and anything else and you will default to the colored check symbol.

I really wish we can customize them like you can on the “Things”.


Ha!..too funny…

Guess what I was missing?..the “!”

All is well now…thank you"!" :laughing:

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! :smile:

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Seems this has changed now. You just need keywords to be present such as “bye” or “back” to get the icons. For instance " Bye - Alexa" gets the goodbye icon.

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Movie time looks like a new icon


That’s hilarious, I’m picturing a little switch statement that’s been copy and pasted throughout their code base with each of those exact phrases.

Haha, that’s hilarious.
Can confirm Movie Time works on Android as well.

Some brave soul just needs to cycle through thousands of names to see if we get any other custom icons.

Or I guess ST support could tell us…


Is this still real in the classic app?

Click on Routines, Click on the desired Routine you want to change the Icon, Click on the Icon and several Choices of Icon’s will appear, Choose one and Click Save.