Change light color according to weather state


I would like to change color of one of my bulbs according to the weather state. More precisely, according to the rain possibility.
Is there an app which could do it for me ?

(not the temperature but weather state - like clear, rainy, cloudy etc.)


I believe you’d probably tie two things together.

  1. Find a Weather SmartApp.
  2. Implement a Rule Machine rule to change your lights based on values in the Weather app.

Unfortunately, I can’t recommend a particular Weather app, but I would assume there are a few choices to try.

I already have the weather station device of rboy.
it reports the weather on device tiles.
But how can I get its results to trigger rule machine ?

You’ll probably need to see what Capabilities the Weather Station exposes, and tie a Rule to that value.

Given that most rules revolve around current values rather than predictive ones, it might require an adjustment to the Rule Machine code to accommodate that. Search this forum to find the main Rule Machine thread and post your question/need there…the developer seems very active and responsive.

I just installed the AccuWeather SmartApp, and I don’t see how one would create a rule for a future state, but I’d imagine this isn’t a unique need so others have likely found solutions.

Thats how I do it

Looks like this has already been done…this is just the first thread I found after a simple search…there’s probably others:

Color Changing Smart Weather Lamp App

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I could only find an IFTTT recipe there. Where’s the app ?
btw, I don’t want to use IFTTT , if possible.

The App code is here:

You will need to install it yourself via the IDE.

I believe IFTTT was only used for the Pollen Count, but you’ll need to confirm that.

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I found it here:

But the one you pasted here starts with a different comment section. where did you get it ?

Btw, I published the app to my account but I can’t find the section “my apps” on the new Android app.
Where is it ?

Use Publish/For Me, then you can go to the Market Place/SmartApps/MyApps to install it.

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I know…
I have that in my phone with Lollipop Android.
But on the marshmallow android phone I have a different GUI for Smartthings App. And in that one I can’t get to “MyApps”

Any ideas ? Anyone ?

Got to marketplace, smartapps then scroll down. Last option is my apps. I’m running marshmallow also.

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ok. I got it. I’ve been using another account on my marshmallow phone. Of course this user does not have access to the apps of the other user.

I’ve added some features to the one here:

Now it completely works great for me.

I also added color change functions from that one to my Weather forecast app. everything fine…

thanks to all who helped.

Anything for Osram Sylvania Lightify color bulbs?