Change Auto-lock Time on Yale YRD-210

First I should say I am not super tech savvy and have kind of bumbled my way through installing device handlers for items when I need to. So far this has mostly worked but detailed explanations are always greatly appreciated. Talk to me like I am stupid, it’s okay.

I have a Yale YRD-210 connected to ST using the Smart Lock Guest Access and the Z-wave Lock DH in the new app. The yale lock can be programmed directly from the push-button keypad to auto-lock. However, to adjust the time you need to use the network module. The built in Smart Lock Guest access does not have an option to change this, or any other settings. Is there a DH that would work better with my lock so I could adjust the auto-lock time? There are a couple other features I’d like to change too. The lock beeps when you hit the keys. I’d love to disable that between midnight and six am. I guess I am just looking for a device handler that might give me more access to the features of my lock.

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You can check out this device handler. It can configure your Yale lock features and more. See the first post for a full list of features for each lock.

The auto lock period can be adjusted from the settings page. Some of the advanced UI controls currently in the Classic app still also be available in the new app within the next few few weeks.