Centurylink and ST

I am moving soon and the only ISP in the neighborhood is Centurylink. I was wondering if anyone has centurylink for their ISP and if they are having any issues with them and running ST. I am not really looking forward to using centurylink b.c I have heard they really really suck. So I get to say bye bye to my 100 up and 100 down internet.

Anyways, back to my question is anyone having any issues using this company for their ST system and also for wireless IP cameras such as the ring or dlink cameras.

Thanks for all the info in advanced!! I may not be able to comment back for a day or so, but once I am able to I will comment back to all answers!

I actually like Centurylink compared to Time Worthless that I use to have. I’ve got gig fiber, and have zero issues with any of their services or having problems using ST, Blink cameras, Ring doorbell, nvr cameras, or my Wi-Fi sprinkler system. Before upgrading to gig, I had their 100mps service and still didn’t have any problems.

I also have century link & you can pick what speeds you want. I have the $29 package & have had no problems with internet or running ST.

CL here too, no issues, older community too.

I’ve had them in two houses 9 miles apart and totally different experiences. First house was built in the 90’s and no fiber in the neighborhood yet. Had constant connection issues. Moved 9 miles away to a new neighborhood that has fiber to the house and it has been rock solid.

Thanks everyone for your responses!!! I’ll go into this with a positive attitude and hope I will have great service. I just don’t think I will have fiber or gig fiber (I wish I could). Looks like the fastest speeds I can get is 25mpbs.

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I have CL 20 gig DSL2+ service with ST and 40 other devices running on wifi with no issues.

That does make me feel a little better, thanks!