Catching and extending my wireless nonST doorbell

Hi all

I have a wireless doorbell that operates on the 300MHz to 433MHz band and I would love to extend it’s range. It works fine between the button outside our house and the bell/chime unit inside but we have quite a big garden and placing a second chime at the far end of our garden never works.

What I would like to do is use some devices to assist with this and firing a siren that itself could be z-wave/zigbee.

Obtaining the siren is easy but I’m not sure if any device exists to help me capture the ringing of the doorbell via the button outside the house.

The two options that came to mind were…

  1. A device that can detect radio frequencies in the required range and be trained to pick up the signal that this button sends

  2. A device that has a sound sensor that sits near the chime/bell we have.

In either case, detection of an event on such a device could then trigger my siren.

Does anything like either of these two sensors exist to assist me with my plan ? If anyone has other solutions please share!


If you would enjoy learning a bit about Arduino, look up the ST Anything project.

433Mhz sensor module (for any Arduino compatible MCU, including ESP) and library is relatively simple to use and not expensive.

But probably not the easiest way to get this accomplished - but still… Fun!