Carrier Infinity / Bryant Evolution compatibility?

Renaming Auto to Resume for #3 is simple but can’t explain the “one line too low” effect on IOS - I didn’t find a logical icon for “Resume” so I just used the text-label-only option for this.
#4 is easy but looks like we will need to find some real estate for this and zone id, maybe changing Resume to just one tile will give room for zoneId, and use FanMode for SystemMode?

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Added support for changing thermostat mode (#4) but may not have all modes covered yet. For now this will show up as a tile on a another new row. Also, tried to tweak the icon stuff a bit to see if it helps on IOS (removed decoration=flat).

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Hi folks. Glad to see such progress after all these years!

Today I installed Infinitude and the device handler/smart app in this thread. I have two systems, 5 zones each. I’m noticing the following:

  1. The “main” zone (being the infinity touch) is able to be controlled/profile changed via smartthings/webcore (e.g., set to away after no motion for X minutes).

  2. Other zones on smart sensors don’t seem to be able to do the same. In the scenario above, they will switch to away for about a minute, then revert back to “home or manual”.

Has anyone noticed this behvaior? Any fixes?

Hi I am having some troubles. I have two systems, one for floors 1,2 and one for floors 3,4. I have installed Infinitude, but can only see the respective zones for each controller, so I have now installed two instances of infinitude, one per system. I have added the device handlers and Smartthings app from the zraken GitHub, I am able to see the thermostats when I swap port numbers on the ip:port web interface, but for some reason every time I try to save the devices in the smart things setup, it says I have hit an error and need to reinstall the smart app. I am on the new SmartThings app if that helps. Is there something I am missing? Thanks!

Got infinitude set up an a RPI, got @zraken 's smart app and device handler installed, but am getting an error trying to save the zone selection (I only have one). Any tips?

how do I find IP and port for my infinity touch ?