Capture Mobile App commands?

Is there an App that would captures commands or sequence of commands ran from the mobile app? Like a Macro?


What’s the specific use case? There are probably a dozen keylogger apps for android that can do this for any app, and a couple of accessibility options for iOS. Are you trying to create a hands-free version of the app? Or determine who keeps changing the thermostat settings? :wink:

Or do you just want to create widgets to run frequently used actions? Or something else?

There’s no built-in macro feature in the smartthings app, but there are a number of different ways to accomplish something similar depending on what you are trying to do and what kind of phone you have. :sunglasses:

Run frequently used actions.

Most frequently used actions in smartthings are in the form of automations. For those, if you have an android phone, many people use the third-party app sharp tools. Among other things it allows you to create widgets.

Other people use one of the third-party dashboards to present a quick view of tiles that can trigger various smart things events. The most popular of these is probably actiontiles, which can run in pretty much any web browser. The license fee is about $30 per hub (not per device) and you can customize the dashboard send it just has a lot of nice features.

Sharptools also just recently offered their own dashboard.

If you just want to capture keystrokes, again there are a lot of keylogger programs available.

I’m going to tag @joshua_lyon Who is the developer of sharp tools and @tgauchat Who is a developer for actiontiles in case you have any more questions on those. :sunglasses:

It’s still not clear to me exactly what the use case is. Are you just trying to have quick access to control your SmartThings devices/routines from your mobile phone? And are you on iOS or Android?

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I running a App to control a whole house amp, it has 6 zones & 6 sources. The app controls volume, source, zone, treble & bass. As it is right now Volume & On/Off are the only items that can be controlled using voice, Amazon Echo. I wanted to see if there was anything that could capture, changing the source on specific zones and set that as a routine, that could then be replicated with a voice command.

Which exact Amp and App?

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Have you considered Tasker or AutomateIt or similar apps that run on your phone that can possibly control other apps?

Or The Home Remote (which interfaces to various audio systems, but I’m not sure Russound/Monoprice…).

Using SmartThings as a path to control AV is really sub-optimal and inflexible.


I haven’t heard of those, but also haven’t looked. The amp is basic using keypads at each location to control the amp. I wanted to check if there was a way to capture the commands sent by this app. It also uses a Raspberry Pi or a Windows box to interface with the amp. The app work well, just wish I could use voice control the zones & sources.

I know we’re asking this for the third or fourth time, but it really is important as far as the possible solutions: what operating system do you want to run the mobile app under? iOS, android, windows, something else?


Sorry, I can run it on either I have an IPhone & Android Tablet. Thanks

It looks like there’s a Russound/Monoprice integration that a community member put together. Check it out here:

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That’s the Smartthings app that I am running. Is there a way to capture what I do when I use it?

What exactly do you mean by “capture”? That’s not a technical term.

Do you mean you want to record a series of taps that invoke a particular sound configuration, so that you can make a “macro” to replay? Or am I missing the gist entirely?

If you want just simple “macros” then you might have success with an Android script (i.e., Tasker, Automate, etc.); but those are risky for anything above bare bones complexity.

If you want to be able to issue similar commands, then you probably want to reverse engineer the SmartApp into a DH or REST-API that you can call directly from another SmartApp, WebCoRE, or some other scripting tool.