Capture Events To Computer or Log

Is there a way for me to grab events in a tidy log, or to have events streamed to a computer?  I’d like to monitor events over time, and build graphs, etc.  As it stands, I can only look through push history on my phone or the event stream per device…seems kludgy.  Another application would be triggering server actions via an event; so my in wall Raspberry Pi could say hello when I come home.  Thanks for any guidance.

There is currently no support for streaming events, but you can create a SmartApp that pushes data to your server when events occur. Here’s an example that you could modify to push your front door contact sensor status to your Raspberry Pi:

You can also expose HTTP endpoints in a smart app, if you’d rather have your server request data. That’s described in this reference:

Thanks Bob - that helps.  Now if I could only figure out how to build and install my own smartapps, I’d be coding away!