Can't find a responsive motion sensor

Both are working fine with ST. RTCGQ14LM with fingerprint lumi.motion.ac02 can work with @ygerlovin driver and RTCGQ11LM with fingerprint lumi.sensor_motion.aq2 can also work with @ygerlovin or @veonua driver and you can choose whatever you like.

AliExpress not always provide information regarding the model.

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They are the P1
I have not tried the older model. They are a little tricky to adjust the refresh time and sensitivity, but in most cases you probably won’t have to do that. The illumination works very well, although it doesn’t seem to update without motion. In other words, you can’t use illumination to trigger. But for $22, they are very much worth it.

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I am using the edge driver from @ygerlovin but my RTCGQ11LM sensor will only stay connected for a couple of hours then drops even when sitting a few feet from the hub.

It seems like you have poor Zigbee network. You should try adding repeaters. A device close to the hub might be offline since it must have few routing passes. Zigbee repeaters are everything that always connected to power.