Cant create a device handler

I cant add a Device Handler, I don’t have the add option. Any ideas on how to add that option? All the videos and guides I see have the option to add a device handler but I for whatever reason I cant

you can’t. IDE is in the process of being shut down and creating new Device /handlers or Smartapps have been turned off.

Oct 15th

· Update IDE to only allow updates or deletion of existing DTHs

· Disable the ability to add new SmartApps

· Remove the IDE debugging tools (Live Logging and IDE simulator)

You should use Edge Drivers at this point and they can be installed from the ST app or enrolling in Edge Channels for ST or from Community Developers.


Someone didn’t get the memo.


Also someone is being misled by outdated documentation or examples. :disappointed:

Didn’t @JDRoberts suggest marking old stuff as Deprecated or something?


It’ll only help somewhat - don’t get me wrong, I fully support marking all the old Groovy stuff here as deprecated. It NEEDS to happen. Yesterday. But the sheer amount of material out on YouTube, Redditt, Facebook, [insert social media property here], you’re going to be seeing people show up with ‘why can’t I…’ posts for groovy stuff for the next 5 years.

The Homeassistant community site has a similar issue, the video guides and things that people like to follow get completely outdated in mere months people pop in all the time saying 'i saw X on (youtuber’s) video… it doesn’t work"

It doesn’t work because [integration X] that was deprecated 4 releases ago and the community was warned 18 months out…


Thank you so much for the quick reply guys, thats unfortunate because I love this hub and Samsung. I bought some new Aqara water leak detection sensors thinking I could add them to my Smartthings hub. Guess its time to maybe buy Aeotec

The current Aeotec hub is the Samsung SmartThings 2018/V3 hub with new branding. It won’t do anything more than your SmartThings 2015/V2 or SmartThings 2018/V3 hub.

@SoldierOfGod87 (that’s an ominous handle, BTW), I’m not sure if your new sensors are the Aqara Dome Water Leak Sensors, but perhaps this post will help you find and install the updated (edge) drivers for them:

If not, there are other posts about edge drivers for aqara leak sensors that you could peruse.

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No need to buy a new hub. SmartThings isn’t shutting down the physical hubs, just swapping out the architecture and the way things are done. The primary reason is for local, on hub, execution vs the old Groovy Cloud based system. For the most part, no functionality is being lost, it’s mostly all positive improvements, but some growing pains of course. There is likely, or will be, an Edge (replacement for DTH) driver for your devices.

Usually @JDRoberts comes to the rescue with all of the relevant guides/wikis you’ll need. Alternatively, there is an automatic switch happening 12/30 for those who arent proactively doing it.

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Automatic migration is happening already. It’s not a “big bang” event but it’s being done in small batches.

I’ve had 11 ZigBee switches and sensors auto-migrated in two different batches.

You’re right, I should have said the completion of said switch.

There is an insane amount of outdated documentation on the internet… Stuff still refers to the smartthings classic app. It took literal hours for me to find out how to enable exclusion mode… Couldnt find it in the app. Couldnt get the old classic app working… Eventually stumbled upon it when I was following an outdated document on how to install a device handler… Enabling exclusion mode is an option here SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things..

I kind of regret going with smartthings at this point. Hopefully things improve…

I bought my SmartThings V2 hub in 2017 as we were starting on building a new home. It was as good a choice as any at that time. I’ve kept things simple and have really had very few issues.

You’ve arrived, I guess, at a time of major upheaval. When the dust settles I think things will be just fine.

All that said, if I was starting fresh just now I would probably avoid z-wave. And I probably would not build everything around a SmartThings hub. Or possibly hang onto my money for about another year while Matter gels.