Cant connect Hue White (no hue bridge in UK) help please

I’ve bought some Hue white bulbs, after reading on the community that you could use them without a Hue bridge, direct with a ST hub. However I can’t get them connected.

They were bought from someone who bought them as a starter kit, so they were 2x E27 bulbs and a Hue bridge. Would they have been tied to that Hue bridge from the factory? Is there anyway to tell if they are connected to a Hue bridge?

What is the procedure that people connect Hue White hubs direct to ST hub please, to make sure I’m doing it correct. (also what device handler - link please)

If so does anyone know how to reset them in UK without a Hue bridge please? There was some remote someone mentioned, or should I buy a 2nd hand Hue bridge? (I don’t want to use the Hue bridge in my system though). Or can you get a friend with a Hue bridge to reset them? If so I could ask on community in UK to see if some kind fellow could!


There’s no such thing as a “Hue Hub,” so I assume you mean a “Hue bridge.”

So, then yes, Hue bulbs that are sold in the kit with Hugh bridge are paired at the factory with that particular bridge so that the person buying them will have an easier setup. Consequently, they cannot be paired to a SmartThings hub until they have been reset.

The problem is that unlike a number of other zigbee bulb brands like Osram, Hue does not have A process for resetting an individual bulb using a blink method.

Consequently you have to get another device and use that to reset the bulbs.

In the US, people mostly use the Lutron connected bulb remote, but I don’t think it is available in the UK yet.

See the following topic for some UK options

Ok corrected original question. I should have asked, didn’t think about it when buying tbh.

Again limited options in UK, can I buy any hue bridge and then reset myself even though they are registered currently with another hue bridge?

Anyone help please, I’m stuck with 2 bulbs that can’t use…

Can someone who has a Hue bridge and ST possibly do me a favour.

If the bulbs are linked to the Hue bridge, can you reset them (what’s this procedure?), then unplug the Hue bridge, paid the bulbs direct to ST hub, ensure work ok.

Then reverse, plug in hue bridge and reset then, to unlink from ST please.


Still wanting a confirmation if anyone can help please. As these Hue bulbs were registered to another hue bridge, can I buy a different (new or 2nd hand) hue bridge and reset them with it, and then use them with ST hub? Either with or without the hue bridge (keep the hue bridge in case I need to reset them in future)


I don’t know if a phillips bridge will let you factory reset so they can then be paired with the ST hub.
I had some hue RGBW bulbs and I bought one of these.

This allowed me to reset the bulbs and I could then pair them to the ST hub without a phillips bridge.
I’m not sure that this could be used for a white bulb though.
Anybody else know.

What is that called please? I’ll look on Amazon UK - i take it they are available in UK?

Is it not easier with a hue bridge though? maybe just a 2nd hand one, as many seem to buy the kits and get a duplicate Hue bridge?


Here is a screenshot of my eBay purchase.
Try searching for one.

EDIT. I’m in UK and got it from a UK supplier.

Check to see if it will work first though.

Thanks, how much can I ask please?

The only way I’ll know if it works, is if someone has specifically used it on a Hue White though really. As you’ve used it on Hue RGBW I presume they will be same though?

Can you also post the procedure for resetting please, and how you did it and then connected to ST without the Hue bridge would be great thanks.

Found this on eBay UK, for £12 delivered? worth a crack?

Also as an additional question, with this remote, can you then get the hue bulbs unlinked from ST hub, or is it one way? If not then maybe a 2nd hand hub bridge is better as I presume they can reset and then unlink them from ST as well?

I am not convinced this will work for White Bulbs.
The one you have found is probably from the same supplier that I used.
All I can tell you is how I have used it.
I had 2 RGBW bulbs that would not be found by the ST hub. It would appear they had already been paired.
I bought this remote and used it to reset the bulbs. When they had been reset, the ST Hub discovered them OK and I can now control them through the ST Hub.
The reset process was very straight forward. Hold the remote next to the bulb while it is switched on and then press the power on and the 2 dot button ( : ) at the same time. After around 5 seconds the bulbs flashed a couple of times I think and they were then back to factory settings. (Instructions were supplied with the remote).
After the ST Hub had discovered the bulbs, I put the remote in the draw and haven’t used it since.

I’m assuming that you can do a factory reset again after they have been paired with the hub so that you can use to pair to a Hue Bridge.

Sounds simple. thanks, can I ask why you think they won’t work for White hue though over the RGBW? I’m sorry I’m new to ST and Hue, are they technically different or something?

Don’t mind trying, but would any least a shot to see if they will, if someone has or know if they will please?

Do you think a Hue bridge will do the same? i.e. reset my current ones, and then allow to connect to ST hub without the hue bridge?

Just thinking should I buy some GU10 kit with a Hue bridge or not…?

It’s probably because I’m a COB. (Cynical Old B’stard). :grinning:
Seriosly though, It’s just because this remote is specific for a Hue RGB and me being me thinks the companies don’t always make things compatible with everything else that they sell no matter how similar they may be.

As for the Hue bridge, I really don’t know anything about them I’m afraid.

Officially, SmartThings does not recommend using Hue bulbs without the Hue Bridge. Pairing the ZLL Hue bulbs to the HA 1.2 SmartThings Hub will leave them in a state where a Hue Bridge will no longer be able to communicate with the bulbs, leaving them “stuck” to the SmartThings Hub. Hue bulbs do not have a built in reset procedure.

Now, unofficially speaking, if you just so happen to find yourself in a situation where you need to reset a Hue bulb, be it that the bulb has been paired to a SmartThings Hub (tsk tsk!) or a situation like you have right now, I would recommend getting one of these:

This is the model that you would need… allegedly. Couldn’t find it in, but I was able to find this eBay auction:

Again, the other Lutron remotes won’t work for you. You need the LZL-4B-WH-L01

With this remote, you hold the top and the bottom button a couple of inches away from the bulb until the little LED stops blinking. The Hue bulb will then flash to confirm it’s been reset. At this point, it should be ready to pair to your Hue Bridge. You may or may not be able to add the bulbs to the SmartThings Hub at this point as well.

PM me if you can’t get things sorted out!

Thanks for reply but I’m in UK, so that eBay auction is no good either.

I know officially ST doesn’t work without the hue bridge but I have some hue bulbs that were registered with a Hue bridge that doesn’t belong to me, and I can’t access it.

So other than this remote you recommend, can I not get a 2nd hand hue bridge and use this to reset the Hue bulbs, so I can then register them direct to the ST hub?


Umm … they offer a UK shipping option for $17 (Global Shipping Program)

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@csuk what about the one above remote suggested by @bobbles

Seems cheaper, and UK, but says unsure on the Hue white reset, says it works for the Hue RGBW though?


Sorry for the delay, man. I don’t have any experience with the Hue remote, so I can’t tell you for sure if it works!

Have you been able to get this sorted out?

Haven’t sorted yet no. My bulbs doing nothing :frowning: I’m waiting for @denseflux to just confirm from this post.

Rather buy the UK one if possible.