Can Tile Color be changed?

Any way to change tile color. For my Kwickset lock, I’d like “locked” to be blue and “off” to be gray - instead of the other way around.

Yes with a custom device handler.

Cool! So, is this software or hardware? Does it require any coding on my part?

Just to be sure, you’re referring to tile in the Classic app, right?

No - the new one.

I found the custom handlers -but, when I try to create a new one with the right color codes, all I get is this: Run Locally Permission not allowed for DeviceType: 8f2c8a1d-e097-4b6d-8686-0275e47bbc58

Custom device handlers only run in the cloud. You need to specify false for the ‘runLocal’ option or remove it from the definition section of the device handler

OK -Thanks!

You can’t change the colors in the new app

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