Can Tile Color be changed?

(Joseph Luquette) #1

Any way to change tile color. For my Kwickset lock, I’d like “locked” to be blue and “off” to be gray - instead of the other way around.

(Jimmy) #2

Yes with a custom device handler.

(Joseph Luquette) #3

Cool! So, is this software or hardware? Does it require any coding on my part?

(Jimmy) #4

Just to be sure, you’re referring to tile in the Classic app, right?

(Joseph Luquette) #5

No - the new one.

(Joseph Luquette) #6

I found the custom handlers -but, when I try to create a new one with the right color codes, all I get is this: Run Locally Permission not allowed for DeviceType: 8f2c8a1d-e097-4b6d-8686-0275e47bbc58

(Michael) #7

Custom device handlers only run in the cloud. You need to specify false for the ‘runLocal’ option or remove it from the definition section of the device handler

(Joseph Luquette) #8

OK -Thanks!

(Jimmy) #9

You can’t change the colors in the new app