Can’t Connect New Samsung Fridge and Range

Hi I just got new Samsung fridge and range from Lowe’s. I looked up app on iPhone and it won’t download it what do I do now? iPhone 15…

This forum was set up a number of years ago so that customers could help other customers with the Samsung SmartThings Home Automation platform.

Since your appliances are brandnew, you might get more help in the official Samsung support forum, which is staffed by Samsung employees. if they think it’s just an app problem, they might send you back here, but it’s probably worth a try. :thinking:

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2 questions:

  • you searched for SmartThings or Samsung SmartThings?
  • can you clarify what “it won’t download” means exactly? any errors or messages of any type?
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I put in smart things only.

The app won’t download on my phone.

strange! Are you using a VPN? or on a network that could be blocking the installation? or apps that manage malware, etc?

again… most strange. try switching to cellular only and disable wifi

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The developer should be “Samsung electronics” and the app page should look like this:

Here’s the direct link:

It just got an update in the last day or so, maybe you just happened to hit it right at the moment that they were changing versions?

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So I figured out the problem it was my new phone. Something in the settings wouldn’t let any app download had to reset up my phone just got it two days ago. Now it works thank everyone for reaching back.