Can ST talk directly to Hive receiver boiler switch

Hi, I have seen topics regarding connecting with the Hive thermostat. But I am thinking that I could just install the receiver (boiler switch) and control that with an app.

Does anyone know what the protocol is between the hive receiver and thermostat? Can I write a device driver for the receiver only?



I’m confused. When you say “receiver” don’t you mean thermostat? Your thermostat is hard wired to your heating system. So, what you are really asking is, how can you hack the signal between the Hive Hub and the Hive Thermostat?

The Hive Heating receiver uses Zigbee to communicate with the Hive Hub, however at the moment there is no way of directly pairing a Hive Receiver with a SmartThings Hub.

I use the Hive (Connect) SmartApp to bridge between my SmartThings Hub and Hive Hub ([RELEASE] - Hive (Connect) V3.0 (British Gas Hive))


I guess that the Hive receiver uses a different protocol than home-automation. I had been hoping to just purchase the receiver of ebay. Wiring it into the thermostat contacts and then use ST Therm app (or write something similar) to avoid the cost of the Hive or Nest Thermostat.

As I understand it the Receiver is only a volt free Zigbee switch (with a certain current rating). Replacing the simple volt free contact of a transitional Thermostat. Nothing special.
In theory I could fit any Zigbee volt-free switch (or Zwave I suppose). But I wonder if that would contravene any Gas regulations.

I recognise that for most people it is better to just purchase a Hive/Nest and be done with it. More reliable.For me I would enjoy playing with scripts to replicate what the Hive/Nest do.

But it does not seem that the Hive receiver is the low-cost way to do this as I had hoped. So thank you for your help.

I may have miss-used terminology a bit.
I called the Zigbee volt free switch the ‘Receiver’ because that is what British Gas call it.
I called the box that is used to display, set and measure the temperature the 'thermostat. This is I take it also a hub then.

Hi Michael,

There’s 3 components, the Thermostat on the wall, the Boiler Receiver and the Hive Hub.

The wall thermostat communicates via RF with the Boiler Receiver.
The boiler receiver communicates via Zigbee with the Hive Hub
The Hive Hub then communicates via Ethernet to the network

Currently there is no way to pair any of the Zigbee components of the Hive system directly with the SmartThings Hub (thus eliminating the Hive Hub).

Hope that makes sense!