Hive thermostat Edge driver

I have a Hive (UK) thermostat for my combi boiler. This consists of a battery powered room thermostat, a relay box that connects to my boiler (effectively an on-off call for heat dry-contact relay) and normally an ethernet connected zigbee hub. The thermostat and relay communicate with the hub via zigbee. You can remove the hub and connect the relay and thermostat to Smartthings via zigbee instead. The relay is detected as a Zigbee Thing. The thermostat is detected as a Zigbee Thermostat. Smartthings can read the temp but cannot control it, nor the heating mode. Also it displays cooling temp but the device is not capable of cooling. In homebridge using zigbee2mqtt/conbee2 on a RPi3 it all works correctly. However in zigbee2mqtt the relay is detected as the controllable thermostat and the thermostat just gives battery and link information but they clearly all talk together correctly as the heating set point works fine. The relevant zigbee2mqtt links for the devices are Hive SLR1c control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT and Hive SLT3C control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT. Any possibility to get this to work in ST?