Can someone ask chat gpt to convert WebCore to edge

Can someone ask chat gpt to convert WebCore to edge?

Edge isn’t for smartapps, only device type handlers which are now Edge drivers. Webcore was a smartapp.

And chatGPT can’t help. For one thing, it’s too far behind, and there have been too many changes in the smartthings architecture after the chatGPT cutoff date. More importantly, it just can’t do stuff like that yet.

If you want to keep using webcore, you can, but you will need to buy a Hubitat hub. It has added webcore as an official feature. And there are several edge Driver based projects that let you use smartthings and hubitat together, so, if you want, you can keep all your existing devices on your existing smartthings hub, and just move your Webcore pistons over to hubitat.

To find these projects, check the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki, and look on the list for “edge services.”

But that’s just if you want to continue to use webcore with zero learning curve.

If you’re willing to learn a new way of doing things, there are several alternatives on the new smartthings architecture that have similar functionality to webcore. See the following discussion thread:

Replace Groovy with Automations—what’s your plan?


I believe it can do things like that.
An example of script conversion.

So ask it to run on whatever the new crap is.

Belief is a powerful factor, and you’re certainly welcome to try. But chatGPT-created code has been barred from many engineering forums because it comes up with things that look like they will work, but they don’t work, and people then have to spend many hours trying to figure out what went wrong and fixing it if it’s even possible.

And remember that it only has information up to a couple years ago, so it just doesn’t even have the information it would need for the new smartthings architecture.

the goal of chatGPT is not to provide you with accurate information: it’s to provide information in the form of a natural conversation

There are a lot of visual examples of the kind of errors that it makes, with some of the most informative coming from people who asked it to produce a crochet pattern for a particular object.

For example, when asked to produce a crochet pattern for a banana, ChatGPT came up with something that read like a crochet pattern, looked like a crochet pattern, but when followed produced this:

Like I said, you’re welcome to try and see what happens. But remember that, regardless of how bananalike the result is, edge doesn’t run smartapps. You would still have to have either a hosting service or a different device to host it on. And at that point, to be honest, it’s easier to just go with one of the other solutions I mentioned.