Can I use GE Link hub as a Zigbee repeater?

Was wondering if anyone knows can the GE Link hub, the little one, act as a zigbee repeater. I mean if I just plug it and don’t connect any devices to it will it automatically just sit there and be a repeater. I don’t intend to associate any devices to it or even connect it to wifi. have one lying around, thinking if it can be put to some use.

I would imagine that would act as a Coordinator, and not as a repeater/router.

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It won’t automatically repeat any/all zigbee signals that happen to be within range of the device, if that’s what you mean.

It would need to be paired to your ST hub first in order to act as a repeater for the zigbee network created by the ST hub’s zigbee coordinator. I’m not sure that’s possible.


Aren’t bulbs generally poor repeaters and prone to problems?

That’s correct, but OP’s talking about the hub that’s designed to act as the zigbee coordinator for link bulbs.

Old eyes. :face_with_monocle: I missed that.

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