Can i control my smartthings from safari or chrome on macos?

sorry for a dumb Q. but i just got my smarthings v2 home monitoring kit working with the android app.

im hoping i can also monitor and control everything from my laptop (macos)… but im suddenly afraid i took this for granted ? help

Take a look at

You can also install CLI:

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thanks. I wsill take a look but can you give me the 30k foot view.
is there open source s/w or any s/w that is designed for general purpose control of smarthome that I can run on my laptop (or even a rasberry pi, (when i finally get around to that)). the idea would be that s/w can then control my smarththings devices via the samsung hub… maybe with API’s?

as opposed of us being locked into samsung apps and ui’s


wow…that is a good start. thx! i can at least have a dashboard on my laptop.
btw - i actually did several searches before posting and i didnt get any hits on smartthings control on web browser, macos, laptop etc.

im familiar a bit with terminal commands etc but can you expand on what you mean by 'you can install CLI?

web interfaces:

command line interface:

MQTT support:

homekit integration:

NodeRed docs somewhere