Can Google Home be put in an Alexa Echo?

I’m not satisfied with Alexa’s inability to answer any questions, and I’m not satisified with Google Home inability to hear questions. I’d like to load Google Assistant to the Amazon “far field” hardware. Possible? Anyone done it?

But you can load a Google skill into Alexa where just say, Alexa, ask Google…


What Jason said.


@bamarayne + @prjct92eh2 That is pretty awesome! This is a very interesting mash-up of these two worlds. Thanks for sharing.

@Roguetech Sorry for my initial response. I had no idea this was possible.

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It’s not something you’d send to your Grandma to setup since the install process is pretty complex, but it works very well once its up and running. Although i’m using it less and less as Alexa’s ad-hoc query results are getting better.

“Alexa, ask Google” still comes up “sorry” blanks fairly often. I have wondered what the answer selection criteria is, since since Google always comes up with something .

It does appear to me that Alexa is trying a little harder to supply answers directly - I notice when I ask for “lead actress in such-and-such”, she responded with something like the first-paragraph synopsis from IMDB. Not the lead actress name, but she is getting there.

That is true. I used it this morning and it definitely is not as good as it used to be.

You might want to check with Google support. I can literally whisper and Google hears and responds. If I do the same with any of my Alexa devices, Alexa is blissfully unaware. Just my 2 cents…

Thanks. That’s not what I’m looking for.

The Alexa is rootable. Amazon has released the source code. It uses Fire OS. The SDK for Google Assistant is available and can be loaded to Fire OS. So… in theory, Google Assistant could be loaded to an Echo, depending on what version of Fire OS is being used (presumably, a newer version).

But, if there are no instructions on how to accomplish that… I’ll stick with my Minis. Saying “Okay Google…” is annoying enough without putting “Alexa” in front of it.