Bypass motion sensor if switch is pressed?

I have a motion sensor and it is setup to turn on a smart light switch when it detects motion. It’s also set to turn the switch off two minutes after there is no motion. So-far-so-good…What I want to do, but can’t figure out how, is have pressing the light switch override the motion sensor. So if the light switch is physically pressed, can something be set to ignore the motion sensor?

I don’t think you can easily do this with Smart Lighting. You definitely can do this with webCoRE (is a very powerful SmartApp you add to SmartThings), as I have a piston that does something like that.

Thanks, that’s exactly what I wanted.

This works perfectly with smart lighting. Under more option just set ‘only if switch’ when the switch is off. If the switch was already on the automation will not run and turn the light off on you.



Great tip! When was “only if” added I never noticed before!

It was added a while ago, at least a year. But there was no announcement of it so a lot of people didn’t realize it was there

Not sure, but I’ve been using it for months.