Buying a New Ceiling fan - best SmartThings option

I am in the market for a new ceiling fan for our family room. I would like to make it integrate into SmartThings and don’t really need something with a remote control. I have some older standard 2 switch fans in bedrooms the I use with the GE switches and it’s great. But it seems like every large size fan has a remote that needs 1 power switch (and on all the time) . I have 2 switches, anyone find a nice larger dc fan with normal controls, or SmartThings ready

Why not a standard ‘stupid’ fan and replace the switch that controls the fan with a GE Jasco fan controller? If you can’t find one without a remote just set It to high and put the remote in a drawer.


There aren’t really any all-in-one smart fans right now that integrate well with smartthings.

Instead, As @nathancu mentioned, people buy a dumb fan that has a remote and then use smartthings to integrate with the remote. Or buy a dumb fan and just replace the Wall switch with a smart fan controller switch.

The following FAQ details these options. (This is a clickable link)

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My fan had a controller module in the canopy which I removed. I then connected a dimmer to the light wire and a fan controller to the fan wire. It has been running fully integrated into ST for years.

To be more accurate, I have 3 of these large fans and all of them are setup this way. The other 4 are smaller bedroom style fans that had the capacitor speed control switched via a chain. I got rid of the chain switches and wired the fan speed to high so that the in wall fan controller can do its job.

I would love to find some decent bigger “dumb” fans, that’s the problem.
I have the GE Z-wave fan & light switch’s for the bedrooms and the are great. Problem is with the 2 fans I have with remotes if switch kills power to the fan the fan does not come back to the last state, it’s just off. You have to turn it on by the remote. In addition the remote controls fans have only one hot wire (single switch feeds light and fan).
Can you rip out the control box and just wire straight so I could use GE switches. All my locations have 2 switch (fan & light)

Is removing this controller in the fan strait forward, this is what I would like to do.

Search this forum fo pr the Hampton bay Zigbee fan module. You can buy that and add it to some fans. Home Depot also sells fans that come with these too: