Buttons buttons buttons

Where, what, when?

Just realized its magnetic too

This is exactly what i was looking for, i hope its reasonably priced

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Everyone has their choices. I have used various other buttons and I must say that the Xiaomi Buttons are not only $6.59 each but are not ugly by no means.

Pictures are not to focus on the button itself but give a perceptive as to how it looks on the wall relative to other Smart Devices.


do you need Xiaomi gateway/hub for the Buttons?

No, just the correct DTH and instructions on how to pair. I posted a link to the thread above.

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RE: Xiaomi buttons… I bought two of these only to learn that the ones I received would not compatible with Smarthings. They went right into the trash.

Recommend Xiaomi buttons… I bought 2 and have them working fine with the existing Smarthings integration that is available. Very cheap and pretty reliable though pairing them requires patience and a lot of pressing. I have one downstairs that turns off all lights at bedtime with 1 hit and have one upstairs that is for turning every light in the house on during the night should there ever be a need.

Can always hack an Amazon Dash Button

I was reading about amazon dash buttons the other day, what is the life span of one button since the batteries are non-replaceable?

barry life is pretty good since the device it self only wakes up when the button is pressed.

The first generation was spec’d at 1000 button presses. The newer second generation is spec’d at “over 2000.”

The ones that are pre-programmed to order a specific product are partly sponsored by the product and so they cost less. But the battery specs are the same.

So it depends how much you expect to use it. Some people found the original only lasted a couple of months, but they were using it several times a day.

Thanks, I may have to rethink something else that is battery replaceable. I was thinking of using two buttons are the end of the hallway to control a smart bulb instead of messing with my 3-way switches.

There are lots of good button options that work with smartthings. See the FAQ:

If you’re willing to run a “man in the middle” server (either a raspberry pi or hubitat), And a Lutron smart bridge, You can use picos, which make great light switches. 10 year battery life, look nice, cost around $15 Each depending on the options. So the setup is more complex than some of the other button options, But the aesthetics are really nice. Total project cost tier depends on how many you’re going to use Since the big cost is for the bridge and the server.

But if you don’t want to fool with all that there are lots of other buttons which are easier to set up. :sunglasses:

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Alright, I’ve been ignoring lutron and caseta posts for a while now but it looks like it’s time to dig in :slight_smile: I already have a pi doing some iot tasks so that one is already in place, just need to have the proper software going I guess. Oh and the hub that you mentioned.

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I just realized I could have ordered the P-BDG-PKG1W kit from ebay instead of BestBuy, $30 difference! I guess returning an unopened box at BB.

Just another heads up… If you’re investing in Lutron Caseta, you may want to make sure to get the Smart Bridge Pro. The Pro version supports Telnet connections, and is what Hubitat uses for direct integration without need for a Raspberry Pi, or Cloud to Cloud connection.

This is what I bought. It is the newer Pro2 version, which also supports Apple Homekit, if that matters to you.


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Thank you… I was going back and forth about those two options yesterday, the cheapskate in me won and decided just to use the existing pi and ended up ordering the non-pro version.

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I can only get as far as setting up the button and to get an automation work based on the button, but I cannot get the actual button to do anything when it is actually pressed. AND, it loses its connection.

Any suggestions?