Broken "Smart Lighting" “Check your network connection” error using Xiaomi Button

I’m having a hard time with the "Smart Lighting " Smartapp.
Whatever I had configured is still working, but anything that I try to add or change does not work anymore.
The app simply tells me that it cannot connect. It makes no sense.
I’m using Xiaomi buttons. Everything worked flawlessly until at least a week ago.
Now I got new buttons to cover other areas of the house, but they don’t work anymore.
Is it happening to anyone else or is it just me?

Question - are you using adguard or a pihole on your home network?

2nd - try logging out of the. App and signing back im

Hi @jpk,
I have nothing like that in my network. (as far as I know)
I’ve logged out and in 2 times already (one just after your recommendation), but nothing changed, unfortunately.
I’ve tried to reboot the hub 3 times (two times via IDE, one time straight from the power supply)
nothing worked so far. A little frustrating to be honest.

Contact ST support. I bet one thing they will ask you to do… remove app, reboot device and reinstall the ST app :slight_smile:

This is probably the reason. Xiaomi stuff only works with custom device handlers and that handler isn’t supported in the new app. I have the same problem with a SmartLighting routine that I tried to set to a “button” (double tap of a GE switch using the NuttyTree DH). I just read in another thread that the SL routine is now broken and can only be deleted from the IDE, can’t be edited in the classic app.

I am having the same problem. It worked a few weeks ago when I added Inovelli switches and set them up. Last night I set up a SmartThings brand wifi outlet. When I went to try and use Smart Lighting to control it, I get the same error you get. I have rebooted the device, uninstalled the app, and even deleted the outlet with no luck yet. Worse yet, I deleted the Smart Lighting app, so now I don’t even have my old customizations.

I forgot to mention - try rebooting your hub through IDE > hubs > view utilities > reboot hub

I too am having issues with smart lighting and trying to use any Inovelli button presses from their switches.

Motion sensors and other switches without custom device handlers are functional within the smart lighting app. But as soon as I choose a button press while setting up an smart lighting automation from the Inovelli switch it fails and when I go back to edit I get an error message so I can’t even delete the automation I just created.

I found a good solution. Using “automations” you can do everything you could do with “SmartLighting”, HOWEVER, with the latest device handler for Xiaomi buttons from @veeceeoh, you lose the ability to use multiple clicks because it identifies multiple clicks as different buttons, so 2 clicks register as a Button 2 being pushed and so on. The problem is that when you create automations, there is no option to use button 2…
To solve that I adapted the Device Handler script to send “pushes” instead of different buttons, this way you can now assign a “Pressed 2 times” or “Pressed 3 times” as the trigger! This makes it all works perfectly now!
So … if anyone wants that adapted code as well, here it is:
I don’t know how to add these changes in GitHub, so I will just post it here. I hope it helps more people!

 *  Xiaomi Zigbee Button - model WXKG01LM
 *  Device Handler for SmartThings - Firmware version 25.20 and newer ONLY
 *  Version 1.3.1
 *  NOTE: Do NOT use this device handler on any SmartThings hub running Firmware 24.x and older
 *        Instead use the xiaomi-button-old-firmware device handler
 *  Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except
 *  in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at:
 *  Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed
 *  on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License
 *  for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.
 *  Original device handler code by a4refillpad, adapted for use with Aqara model by bspranger, updated for changes in firmware 25.20 by veeceeoh,
 *  Adapted by furegato to work as multiples presses (pushed_2x, pushed_3x,...) instead of having multiple buttons.
 *  Additional contributions to code by alecm, alixjg, bspranger, gn0st1c, foz333, jmagnuson, rinkek, ronvandegraaf, snalee, tmleafs, twonk, veeceeoh, furegato
 *  Known issues:
 *  + As of March 2019, the SmartThings Samsung Connect mobile app does NOT support custom device handlers such as this one
 *  + The SmartThings Classic mobile app UI text/graphics is rendered differently on iOS vs Android devices - This is due to SmartThings, not this device handler
 *  + Pairing Xiaomi/Aqara devices can be difficult as they were not designed to use with a SmartThings hub.
 *  + The battery level is not reported at pairing. Wait for the first status report, 50-60 minutes after pairing.
 *  + Xiaomi devices do not respond to refresh requests
 *  + Most ZigBee repeater devices (generally mains-powered ZigBee devices) are NOT compatible with Xiaomi/Aqara devices, causing them to drop off the network.
 *  + Only XBee ZigBee modules, the IKEA Tradfri Outlet / Tradfri Bulb, and ST user @iharyadi's custom multi-sensor ZigBee repeater device are confirmed to be compatible.

 import groovy.json.JsonOutput
 import physicalgraph.zigbee.zcl.DataType

metadata {
	definition (name: "Xiaomi Button Pushes", namespace: "bspranger", author: "bspranger", minHubCoreVersion: "000.022.0002", ocfDeviceType: "") {
		capability "Actuator"
		capability "Battery"
		capability "Button"
		capability "Configuration"
		capability "Health Check"
		capability "Holdable Button"
		capability "Momentary"
		capability "Sensor"

		attribute "lastCheckin", "string"
		attribute "lastCheckinCoRE", "string"
		attribute "lastPressed", "string"
		attribute "lastPressedCoRE", "string"
		attribute "lastReleasedCoRE", "string"
		attribute "lastButtonMssg", "string"
		attribute "batteryRuntime", "string"
		attribute "buttonStatus", "enum", ["pushed", "held", "released", "pushed_2x", "pushed_3x", "pushed_4x", "shizzle"]

		fingerprint deviceId: "0104", inClusters: "0000,0003,FFFF,0019", outClusters: "0000,0004,0003,0006,0008,0005,0019", manufacturer: "LUMI", model: "lumi.sensor_switch", deviceJoinName: "Original Xiaomi Button"

		command "resetBatteryRuntime"

	simulator {
		status "Press button": "on/off: 0"
		status "Release button": "on/off: 1"

	tiles(scale: 2) {
		multiAttributeTile(name:"buttonStatus", type: "lighting", width: 6, height: 4, canChangeIcon: false) {
			tileAttribute ("device.buttonStatus", key: "PRIMARY_CONTROL") {
				attributeState("default", label:'Pushed', backgroundColor:"#00a0dc", icon:"")
				attributeState("pushed", label:'Pushed', backgroundColor:"#00a0dc", icon:"")
				attributeState("held", label:'Held', backgroundColor:"#00a0dc", icon:"")
				attributeState("released", label:'Released', action: "momentary.push", backgroundColor:"#ffffff", icon:"")
				attributeState("pushed_2x", label:'Double-Clicked', backgroundColor:"#00a0dc", icon:"")
				attributeState("pushed_3x", label:'Triple-Clicked', backgroundColor:"#00a0dc", icon:"")
				attributeState("pushed_4x", label:'Quadruple-Clicked', backgroundColor:"#00a0dc", icon:"")
				attributeState("shizzle", label:'Shizzle-Clicked', backgroundColor:"#00a0dc", icon:"")
			tileAttribute("device.lastPressed", key: "SECONDARY_CONTROL") {
				attributeState "lastPressed", label:'Last Pressed: ${currentValue}'
		valueTile("battery", "device.battery", decoration: "flat", inactiveLabel: false, width: 2, height: 2) {
			state "battery", label:'${currentValue}%', unit:"%", icon:"",
				[value: 10, color: "#bc2323"],
				[value: 26, color: "#f1d801"],
				[value: 51, color: "#44b621"]
		valueTile("lastCheckin", "device.lastCheckin", decoration: "flat", inactiveLabel: false, width: 4, height: 1) {
			state "lastCheckin", label:'Last Event:\n${currentValue}'
		valueTile("batteryRuntime", "device.batteryRuntime", inactiveLabel: false, decoration: "flat", width: 4, height: 1) {
			state "batteryRuntime", label:'Battery Changed: ${currentValue}'
		main (["buttonStatus"])

	preferences {
		//Button Config
		input description: "As a default if the button is held for at least 0.75 second, a 'button 1 held' event is sent when released. The settings below allow changes to the minimum time needed for held.", type: "paragraph", element: "paragraph", title: "BUTTON CONFIGURATION"
		input name: "waittoHeld", type: "decimal", title: "Minimum hold time required for button held:", description: "Number of seconds (default = 0.75)", range: "0.1..120"

		//Date & Time Config
		input description: "", type: "paragraph", element: "paragraph", title: "DATE & CLOCK"
		input name: "dateformat", type: "enum", title: "Set Date Format\nUS (MDY) - UK (DMY) - Other (YMD)", description: "Date Format", options:["US","UK","Other"]
		input name: "clockformat", type: "bool", title: "Use 24 hour clock?"
		//Battery Reset Config
		input description: "If you have installed a new battery, the toggle below will reset the Changed Battery date to help remember when it was changed.", type: "paragraph", element: "paragraph", title: "CHANGED BATTERY DATE RESET"
		input name: "battReset", type: "bool", title: "Battery Changed?"
		//Advanced Settings
		input description: "Only change the settings below if you know what you're doing.", type: "paragraph", element: "paragraph", title: "ADVANCED SETTINGS"
		//Battery Voltage Range
		input description: "", type: "paragraph", element: "paragraph", title: "BATTERY VOLTAGE RANGE"
		input name: "voltsmax", type: "decimal", title: "Max Volts\nA battery is at 100% at __ volts\nRange 2.8 to 3.4", range: "2.8..3.4", defaultValue: 3
		input name: "voltsmin", type: "decimal", title: "Min Volts\nA battery is at 0% (needs replacing) at __ volts\nRange 2.0 to 2.7", range: "2..2.7", defaultValue: 2.5
		//Live Logging Message Display Config
		input description: "These settings affect the display of messages in the Live Logging tab of the SmartThings IDE.", type: "paragraph", element: "paragraph", title: "LIVE LOGGING"
		input name: "infoLogging", type: "bool", title: "Display info log messages?", defaultValue: true
		input name: "debugLogging", type: "bool", title: "Display debug log messages?"

//adds functionality to press the centre tile as a virtualApp Button
def push() {
	displayInfoLog(": Virtual App Button Pressed")
	sendEvent(name: "lastPressed", value: formatDate(), displayed: false)
	sendEvent(name: "lastPressedCoRE", value: now(), displayed: false)
	sendEvent(name: "button", value: "pushed", data: [buttonNumber: 1], descriptionText: "$device.displayName app button was pushed", isStateChange: true)
	sendEvent(name: "lastReleasedCoRE", value: now(), displayed: false)
	runIn(1, clearButtonStatus)

// Parse incoming device messages to generate events
def parse(String description) {
	displayDebugLog(": Parsing '${description}'")
	def result = [:]

	// Any report - button press & Battery - results in a lastCheckin event and update to Last Checkin tile
	sendEvent(name: "lastCheckin", value: formatDate(), displayed: false)
	sendEvent(name: "lastCheckinCoRE", value: now(), displayed: false)

	// Send message data to appropriate parsing function based on the type of report
	if (description == 'on/off: 0') {
	} else if (description == 'on/off: 1') {
		result = createButtonEvent()
	} else if (description?.startsWith('read attr - raw: ')) {
		result = parseReadAttrMessage(description)
	} else if (description?.startsWith('catchall:')) {
		result = parseCatchAllMessage(description)
	if (result != [:]) {
		displayDebugLog(": Creating event $result")
		return createEvent(result)
	} else
		return [:]

// on any type of button pressed update lastPressed and lastPressedCoRE or lastReleasedCoRE to current date/time
def updateLastPressed(pressType) {
	if (pressType == "Pressed")
		displayInfoLog(": Single button press detected")
	sendEvent(name: "lastPressed", value: formatDate(), displayed: false)
	displayDebugLog(": Setting Last $pressType to current date/time")
	sendEvent(name: "last${pressType}CoRE", value: now(), displayed: false)
	sendEvent(name: "lastButtonMssg", value: now(), displayed: false)

private createButtonEvent() {
	def timeDif = now() - device.latestState('lastButtonMssg').date.getTime()
	def holdTimeMillisec = Math.round((settings.waittoHeld?:0.75) * 1000)
	displayInfoLog(": Button release detected")
	displayDebugLog(": Comparing time difference between this button release and last button message")
	displayDebugLog(": Time difference = $timeDif ms, Hold time setting = $holdTimeMillisec ms")
	// compare waittoHeld setting with difference between current time and lastButtonMssg
	def buttonHeld = (timeDif >= holdTimeMillisec & timeDif < holdTimeMillisec + 10000) ? true : false
	def pressType = buttonHeld ? "held" : "pushed"
	def descText = " was $pressType (button 1 $pressType)"
	sendEvent(name: "buttonStatus", value: pressType, isStateChange: true, displayed: false)
	runIn(1, clearButtonStatus)
	return [
		name: 'button',
		value: pressType,
		data: [buttonNumber: 1],
		descriptionText: "$device.displayName$descText",
		isStateChange: true

def clearButtonStatus() {
	sendEvent(name: "buttonStatus", value: "released", isStateChange: true, displayed: false)

private Map parseReadAttrMessage(String description) {
	def cluster = description.split(",").find {it.split(":")[0].trim() == "cluster"}?.split(":")[1].trim()
	def attrId = description.split(",").find {it.split(":")[0].trim() == "attrId"}?.split(":")[1].trim()
	def valueHex = description.split(",").find {it.split(":")[0].trim() == "value"}?.split(":")[1].trim()
	Map resultMap = [:]

	// Process message for double-click, triple-click, quadruple-click, and 5 or more-click
	if (cluster == "0006" && attrId == "8000") {
		def buttonNum = (valueHex == "80") ? 5 : Integer.parseInt(valueHex, 16)
		def clickType = [2: "pushed_2x", 3: "pushed_3x", 4: "pushed_4x", 5: "shizzle"]
		def descText = " was ${clickType[buttonNum]}-clicked (Button pushed_$buttonNumx)"
		sendEvent(name: "buttonStatus", value: clickType[buttonNum], isStateChange: true, displayed: false)
		runIn(1, clearButtonStatus)
		resultMap = [
			name: 'button',
			value: "${clickType[buttonNum]}",
			data: [buttonNumber: buttonNum],
			descriptionText: "$device.displayName$descText",
			isStateChange: true
	// Process message on short-button press containing model name and battery voltage report
	else if (cluster == "0000" && attrId == "0005")	{
		def data = ""
		def modelName = ""
		def model = valueHex
		if (valueHex.length() > 45) {
			model = valueHex.split("02FF")[0]
			data = valueHex.split("02FF")[1]
			if (data[4..7] == "0121") {
				def BatteryVoltage = (Integer.parseInt((data[10..11] + data[8..9]), 16))
				resultMap = getBatteryResult(BatteryVoltage)
		data = ", data: ${valueHex.split("02FF")[1]}"
		// Parsing the model name
		for (int i = 0; i < model.length(); i+=2) {
			def str = model.substring(i, i+2);
			def NextChar = (char)Integer.parseInt(str, 16);
			modelName = modelName + NextChar
		displayDebugLog(" reported model: $modelName$data")
	return resultMap

// Check catchall for battery voltage data to pass to getBatteryResult for conversion to percentage report
private Map parseCatchAllMessage(String description) {
	Map resultMap = [:]
	def catchall = zigbee.parse(description)

	if (catchall.clusterId == 0x0000) {
		def MsgLength =
		// Xiaomi CatchAll does not have identifiers, first UINT16 is Battery
		if (( == 0x01 || == 0x02) && ( == 0xFF)) {
			for (int i = 4; i < (MsgLength-3); i++) {
				if ( == 0x21) { // check the data ID and data type
					// next two bytes are the battery voltage
					resultMap = getBatteryResult((<<8) +
	return resultMap

// Convert raw 4 digit integer voltage value into percentage based on minVolts/maxVolts range
private Map getBatteryResult(rawValue) {
	// raw voltage is normally supplied as a 4 digit integer that needs to be divided by 1000
	// but in the case the final zero is dropped then divide by 100 to get actual voltage value
	def rawVolts = rawValue / 1000
	def minVolts = voltsmin ? voltsmin : 2.5
	def maxVolts = voltsmax ? voltsmax : 3.0
	def pct = (rawVolts - minVolts) / (maxVolts - minVolts)
	def roundedPct = Math.min(100, Math.round(pct * 100))
	def descText = "Battery at ${roundedPct}% (${rawVolts} Volts)"
	displayInfoLog(": $descText")
	return [
		name: 'battery',
		value: roundedPct,
		unit: "%",
		descriptionText : "$descText"

private def displayDebugLog(message) {
	if (debugLogging)
		log.debug "${device.displayName}${message}"

private def displayInfoLog(message) {
	if (infoLogging || state.prefsSetCount < 3) "${device.displayName}${message}"

//Reset the date displayed in Battery Changed tile to current date
def resetBatteryRuntime(paired) {
	def newlyPaired = paired ? " for newly paired sensor" : ""
	sendEvent(name: "batteryRuntime", value: formatDate(true))
	displayInfoLog(": Setting Battery Changed to current date${newlyPaired}")

// installed() runs just after a sensor is paired using the "Add a Thing" method in the SmartThings mobile app
def installed() {
	state.prefsSetCount = 0
	displayInfoLog(": Installing")
	// initialize battery replaced date
	// initialize default button states
	sendEvent(name: "button", value: "pushed", data: [buttonNumber: 1], displayed: false)

// configure() runs after installed() when a sensor is paired
def configure() {
	displayInfoLog(": Configuring")
	device.currentValue("numberOfButtons")?.times {
		sendEvent(name: "button", value: "pushed", data: [buttonNumber: it+1], displayed: false)
	sendEvent(name: "lastButtonMssg", value: now(), displayed: false)

// updated() will run twice every time user presses save in preference settings page
def updated() {
	displayInfoLog(": Updating preference settings")
	if (!state.prefsSetCount)
		state.prefsSetCount = 1
	else if (state.prefsSetCount < 3)
		state.prefsSetCount = state.prefsSetCount + 1
	// set battery replaced date if user toggled preference setting
	if (battReset){
		device.updateSetting("battReset", false)
	displayInfoLog(": Info message logging enabled")
	displayDebugLog(": Debug message logging enabled")
	checkIntervalEvent("preferences updated")

def initialize (paired) {
	sendEvent(name: "DeviceWatch-Enroll", value: JsonOutput.toJson([protocol: "zigbee", scheme:"untracked"]), displayed: false)
	// initialize battery replaced date if not yet set
	if (!device.currentState('batteryRuntime')?.value)
	if (device.currentValue("numberOfButtons") != 5) {
		sendEvent(name: "numberOfButtons", value: 5, displayed: false)
		displayInfoLog(": Number of buttons set to 5")

private checkIntervalEvent(text) {
		// Device wakes up every 1 hours, this interval allows us to miss one wakeup notification before marking offline
		if (text)
			displayInfoLog(": Set health checkInterval when ${text}")
		sendEvent(name: "checkInterval", value: 2 * 60 * 60 + 2 * 60, displayed: false, data: [protocol: "zigbee", hubHardwareId: device.hub.hardwareID])

def formatDate(batteryReset) {
	def correctedTimezone = ""
	def timeString = clockformat ? "HH:mm:ss" : "h:mm:ss aa"

	// If user's hub timezone is not set, display error messages in log and events log, and set timezone to GMT to avoid errors
	if (!(location.timeZone)) {
		correctedTimezone = TimeZone.getTimeZone("GMT")
		log.error "${device.displayName}: Time Zone not set, so GMT was used. Please set up your location in the SmartThings mobile app."
		sendEvent(name: "error", value: "", descriptionText: "ERROR: Time Zone not set, so GMT was used. Please set up your location in the SmartThings mobile app.")
	else {
		correctedTimezone = location.timeZone
	if (dateformat == "US" || dateformat == "" || dateformat == null) {
		if (batteryReset)
			return new Date().format("MMM dd yyyy", correctedTimezone)
			return new Date().format("EEE MMM dd yyyy ${timeString}", correctedTimezone)
	else if (dateformat == "UK") {
		if (batteryReset)
			return new Date().format("dd MMM yyyy", correctedTimezone)
			return new Date().format("EEE dd MMM yyyy ${timeString}", correctedTimezone)
	else {
		if (batteryReset)
			return new Date().format("yyyy MMM dd", correctedTimezone)
			return new Date().format("EEE yyyy MMM dd ${timeString}", correctedTimezone)


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Thank you, I had this problem too.
I switched to this code and I can do it by automation now