Bots in the forum?

When reading through new posts on the forum, I’ve repeatedly stumbled across somewhat weird posts from two accounts in this community, @darshanhiranandani23 and @emmanuelkatto23, and I have a feeling they could be bots. All of their posts sound AI-generated, discuss very generic issues, and the accounts never reply even when asked for more details so their alleged problems can be resolved (e.g. in this post: How to Substitute One Routine with Another Effectively?). Both sign off exactly in the same way, with their name in bold, and one of the profiles uses a stock photo, the other doesn’t have any profile picture at all.

Is this just me being overly paranoid or is there actually something weird going on here?


They are indeed fake accounts that regurgigate other existing posts actually, so you may even have a deja-vu of having read those questions.

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Fake stock image profile pictures, ChatGPT generated posts.

They are spamming the search engines to white wash their names…

That’s the reason why they (or an agency) are mentioning their names in every post.

So, can they be banned / stopped? I’d hate for this forum to become overrun with bots.


You can flag their posts. Tap on the 3 dots and click on the Flag and choose the reason. :slight_smile:

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The one with the picture is definitely weird as very similar posts appear on multiple Internet forums with the same photo, but claiming different specialties, everything from real estate to specific engineering subspecialties. And sometimes with different names.


Can you block a users content in general?.

You can go to the user’s profile… where you see Normal, tap on it and select Ignored. Anything they would post would be replaced with “hidden text”. You can click on it to read it if you choose.