Blink: wifi camera/motion sensor on Kickstarter

Good point. You put my mind at ease.

I’m just afraid Blink may go down the route of Nest where they take a promising product like Dropcam and ruin it.

NO issues with my TrendNet or foscam cameras. there is no lag…

What lag is the issue: enable, trigger, record, live video or other? Is the lag with the Blink app or something in the @RBoy app?

What was the WiFi and Sync Monitor signal strength?

Lag is with the blink app. Was testing that before purchasing RBoy’s apps.

Somebody else on this thread had similar issues and solved them by changing their router settings.

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I fixed my issue by moving my Sync Module so it’s no longer sitting next to a safe… lol…


If anyone gets a Blink Survey e-mail you will get a 10% Discount code to use for next purchase. SURVEY10

Also this is of interest:

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A note from the folks at Blink: Anyone using the live streaming version of the ST app, please note that Blink was designed to run on batteries and take short video clips (5-10 seconds) of about 20,000 seconds or 300 minutes per set of batteries (about a year). If you’re going to be using this to constantly watch live streaming (rather than just peeking when you receive an event), please note that you should plug in the usb port to a power supply. Keep a note of the total expected design time from blink to ensure you don’t over drain your batteries.

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Android app version 1.3.3 released with “Bug fixes”.

Just got this e-mail:

Dear Blink user,

On Wednesday May 4th, between 6:00AM and 8:00 AM EDT, there will be a brief Blink system outage while we upgrade our systems. We expect this outage to last about 10 minutes. During this time, you may see the message “Sync Module Offline” in your Blink Home Monitor app. You may see some commands fail to complete during this time. When our maintenance is completed, your Blink system should come back online automatically and resume normal functionality.


The Blink Team

Has anyone used Blink and Arlo? Care to comment and compare the two camera systems for us? I like Blink price better obviously, but wonder how well they work in real world and with ST. Outdoor use is plus for Arlo. I saw some mention of potential outdoor Blink in the future.

Well, I have both.

Arlo - Really a better overall product. Its solid, easy to setup and has 7 days of online rolling recording. They are also designed for outside use too. Batteries on the lowest quality, has a great picture, will last 6-12 months. Highest quality - 2 months… mileage will vary. +scheduled recordings and individual configurations.

Blink - A good product for in the house. Its not designed for outside use but I have one on my front door and the driveway. Not as polished as the Arlo just yet but is still really good. - no individual recording or alerting settings. -no scheduling either

I’m using both of them with community dev apps to trigger the recordings when I’m not home if there is motion.

Both still need to be worked on for improvements to be honest.


Was It difficult to sync with ST…

1.3.6 Android App now supports multi-systems:

You can add new ones or email them to merge existing ones.

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Looks like Blink app armed scheduling will be released soon because they have released a video:

However this is not included in the current 1.3.6 version of the Android app.


It’s there on the iOS release (oddly not the Android release)

Just got an e-mail:

“Note: The scheduled arming feature is currently only available on the iOS app and is expected to become available on Android by the end of June.”

Just Checked my app and it is still up!

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I had the Blink security camera for a few months but had to return it since it didn’t work out as I wanted. I then got the Arlo Pro and it looked better. In the battle of Blink vs Arlo the pro version easily takes the top spot.

But I’ve encounter the new Blink camera that looks quite attractive. Has anyone ever used it? I’m considering a purchase and would like to know if works with ST and how well it records.

Answer is yes. And the link to the Blink ST thread is below:
Just qurious. What didn’t work out? Blink cameras are rated for upto 2 years battery life on Lithium batteries. However, for high traffic areas, that may very. How much is the Arlo battery pack?

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