Blink Camera in a hotel room?

I tried posting this question on the Blink Community Forum and it would never give me the option to post a new topic. I know a lot of you here on ST use the Blink camera’s. I am going on vacation and taking my dog for the first time. I plan to stay in a couple of hotels that are pet friendly, and will have to leave her in her kennel for a couple of hours on occasion. I have an extra Blink Hub, and could get a camera from my existing system. Has anyone ever tried hooking up the Blink hub to a hotel wifi in order to see their hotel room? Thanks

I guess it’s possible. But if the place you’re staying is anything like most hotels, they force you through one of those landing pages when you join the WiFi network where you have to enter the password the front desk gives you, or agree to their access terms, etc.

Your blink sync module won’t be able to handle that.


Oh man, I really thought that this post was gonna go in a VERY different direction.

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You could use a device I use to get a Chromecast to work in hotel rooms. It’s called a WISP router. Basically, it has two antennas. One to receive WiFi and one to broadcast it. It allows you to hook to the hotel wifi once and then all of the devices within your network share that connection. It can really make your devices crawl, since you’re sharing a low bandwidth, but it does allow all the devices within your network to talk to each other. Also, you can sign on to the hotel wifi with any device within your network and you don’t have to with any of the others.
Here’s one that I use:


Thanks, will give this a try

Thanks. I have ordered one of these. Staying in a hotel one night next week, without the dog, and I plan to give it a try. Any setup hints? Do you know off hand the mode you put it in to use in a hotel? Thanks

WISP mode. There’s a setup wizard once you log in to the router which will take you through the setup.

Hi I’m stuck in the same boat as you were and was wondering if you had any luck with your Blink camera?

I ended using my Wyze camera and a travel router and it worked great.

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Hmmm I don’t have one of those. Did you get to try the Blink?

I use my blink system in hotels with my pets, however I have a mifi that I use to set them up. I have never been able to set them up to the hotel wifi.

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