Big lack on IFTTT with mode of smartthings

Hello everyone

Voila, I am surprised to see that there is a lack of action related to Smartthings in IFTTT.
The most annoying is for smart home monitor.
Indeed, I do not want to use the smartthings application to switch to HOME / NIGHT / AWAY mode because I prefer that it is managed by my alarm.
On the side of my alarm SOMFY Protect, I have 3 trigger in IFTTT
(Alarm ON / Night mode / Alarm OFF)
But on the smartthings side, I do not have the HOME / NIGHT / AWAY modes in the actions.

I managed with virtual switches and webcore but it makes me a package of tricks to create
Would it be possible to add this to IFTTT?

People have been requesting the ability to change modes through IFTTT for two years, but they haven’t added it yet. :disappointed_relieved:

If you have the SmartThings Classic app, this is easy to do by creating a virtual switch, then creating a Routine to change the Mode based on that switch coming on. The same method is used if you want to change a mode with Alexa or Google Home.

We have a FAQ that explains further. This is a clickable link.

I don’t know how you would do it with the SmartThings (Samsung Connect) mobile app.


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