[BETA RELEASE] Keenect V2.7 and Keenzone 2.8, Proportional Vent Control with System Wide Zone Balancing

I’m missing what you are trying to do with the virtual thermostats, are you trying to bypass keenest and fully open you’re vents when you turn on your ventilator? Then when the ventilator is done, turn keenect back on?

The idea is to allow other people in the house via a virtual thermostat or app on a touch screen switch to set the temp they want in the room so the vents will adjust… So if you think about the app now. you set the cooling and heating desired temp. I would like the app to check the virtual thermostat for those settings. So if I set the virtual thermostat for my family room to 74 it would close the vents if cool at 74 or vice versa if heating once it got to 74 it would close. Also then if the another family member wanted it to be cooler, they could change the virtual thermostat to say 73 and the vents would open again if the system is running.

Should be able to be done using a simulated thermostat and adding a subscription to that thermostat and some minor changes to the code and UI

HELP! I published the app to my device & installed. After installation, launched app & went through initial setup, and that’s as far as I can get. When I launch the app, I get the IOS activity wheel for one second but nothing happens (app does not launch). Now I am at a point where I cannot even delete the app from my device or my IDE.

Can you post any logs?
Try the ideas here:

You need to publish Keenect and Keenzone. Keenzone can not be opened and you just get the activity wheel if you try to. You need to open Keenect to set everything up. Keenzone runs in the background.

Does anyone know why “vent minimum opening during fan only” doesn’t work? Have tried different min settings and with thermostat mode in “idle” in cool mode and “off” and the vents never open.

Ok so Im new to smartthings I have the ecobee3 and 7 smart vents. I got the code to accept into my hub on my computer but it wont port to my app. am I supposed to subscribe or something? i was told to tried unchecking the box at the bottom left when selecting the app but it does nothing. does anyone have any imput

Did you publish the app?

No I didn’t is that what I’m missing


go into both keenectzone and keenect master and hit publish on both

How would I use motion control alongside Keenect to control our vents? We have a couple of rooms that are occupied every other week and sporadically in between. So I would like for Keenect to control all vents but also want to shut down a couple of vents based on motion. Any suggestions?

Also if I have two thermostats can I run two instances of Keenect for each one?

You can check out this thread for motion detection and more:


Thanks will do

I just installed the app and am getting an unexpected error

b4bb0ccb-60e4-4b4b-98ef-a192f00dc936 3:11:45 PM: error java.lang.NumberFormatException @ line 85
b4bb0ccb-60e4-4b4b-98ef-a192f00dc936 3:11:45 PM: debug Installed with settings: [tStat:Nest Family Room, tempSensors:Kitchen FR - Motion, isACcapable:true]

OK fixed it but is anyone still using this? I have been using it or a while and I dont think that it is doing anything. Have not seen it adjust an of my vents since I installed it

Looks like Bryan is gone and we are on our own. He has not posted in July 11. Anyone got this working?

I am still here. Had my 4th child and run a tech company. Plan to get back to dev next month.

congrats on your new baby…