[BETA RELEASE] Keenect V2.7 and Keenzone 2.8, Proportional Vent Control with System Wide Zone Balancing

OK fixed it but is anyone still using this? I have been using it or a while and I dont think that it is doing anything. Have not seen it adjust an of my vents since I installed it

Looks like Bryan is gone and we are on our own. He has not posted in July 11. Anyone got this working?

I am still here. Had my 4th child and run a tech company. Plan to get back to dev next month.

congrats on your new baby…

Finally just used webcore to manage this. Could not get this to work

I just installed this app and I am getting an error message when I click done on the app on my phone. The app on my phone shows that the zone is not active. I look at the current state and is shows the main system is idle with correct info. But, below it the Zone info says that running is false and active is false. The error I am seeing from the logs are:

9:39:04 AM: error java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method toFloat() on null object
cc36f9ee-2ed3-46c6-951b-aa8446d03d5a 9:39:03 AM: debug Updated with settings: [isACcapable:true, tStat:Nest Thermostat - Dining Room, sendEventsToNotifications:true, logLevel:10, indicators:false, fanRunOn:0, setVo:-1, tempSensors:Nest Thermostat - Dining Room]
cc36f9ee-2ed3-46c6-951b-aa8446d03d5a 9:38:43 AM: error java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot execute null+null
cc36f9ee-2ed3-46c6-951b-aa8446d03d5a 9:38:43 AM: info Main HVAC heating setpoint changed to: 72.0
cc36f9ee-2ed3-46c6-951b-aa8446d03d5a 9:38:43 AM: debug Updated with settings: [isACcapable:false, tStat:Nest Thermostat - Dining Room, sendEventsToNotifications:true, logLevel:10, indicators:false, fanRunOn:0, setVo:-1, tempSensors:Nest Thermostat - Dining Room]

Thanks for any help you can give me.


Is anybody monitoring this thread anymore? I need some help getting this software up and running.

I got past the error messages I was receiving.  When I check the app for 'Available Reports', it says the zone control is Not Activated. But, when I check the Current state, it saves running: true.  So, I'm a little confused as to what is happening. Is it working or not.  I don't see any activity for the vent in the room.



Something happened with my previous post.

I got past the error messages I was receiving. When I check the app for ‘Available reports’, the Configuration report shows the Zone Not Activated. When I check the Current state report, the Zone running: true, but qr active: false.

Any help?


Mine says the same thing when not running. Have no idea what the qr is. If you check the report when the system is running after it determines that it needs to change the vent position and does it should change. But as soon as it goes back to idle it reads not active again. Not running this version anymore so I maybe telling you wrong.

Hi all!

I’m having an issue I’m hoping someone might be able to help me solve. I’m new to all this and just smart enough to get myself in trouble it seems. I’ve managed to install NST Manager and Keenect smartapps. NST Manager finds my Nest and I’m able to use it. When I open Keenect, it goes right to the Configuraion page and under Main Thermostat it says “There are no devices of this capability”. I’ve googled and searched everything I can find but can’t find any mention of this anywhere. Anyone else have the same problem or better yet, anyone know how to solve? I’ve got 4 Keen vents I’d like to get online and working. TIA for any help!

You might want to look into using WebCore. I have used it for most of my vents but trying to come up with a routine to set the vents to open or close a percentage based on the temp in the room. Basically if the room hits the correct temp close the vent and direct it to other areas of the house until those room hit the required temp

I am having an issue where my vent will not reopen after it has been closed unless I do it directly. Once I do that, it will make all of the adjustments correctly again until it gets to the threshold to close the vent. When I look at the status it shows that my vent is open, but when I look are the physical vent it is not. I open it via ST and then it will go back to the setting it should be at. I cannot figure out if this is a SmartApp issue or a DTH since it is reporting that it is open when it is not… Anyone have any ideas?

I’m seeing an issue where this past week my vents won’t open when using Keenect, don’t see them open at all. I see the vent temp listed in the notifications but never see it open and close (after session completes). Any ideas ? I’ve pulled out the app and reinstalled but same thing.


i had similar issues with the vents. Looks like the battery was almost dead and the app did not have the updated status

Changed the battery and vents are working now

@Brian_Murphy having an issue with KEENECT and Ecobee 4

Have 2 zones, one with an ECOBEE 3 and second with ECOBEE 4. i can add the vents on the ECOBEE 3 zone with no issues, as soon as i try to add a vent on the ECOBEE 4 zone, i get an error message on SAVE

all vents are using the same DH and i’m using the ecobee SmartApp from [RELEASE] Updated Ecobee Suite, v1.4.0 (Free)


Care to share this setup and your thoughts on its success to balance your house temps?

You can check out this thread for motion detection and more:


I use your ecobee app and have fought with the PIN/reauthorization of the app since it came out. So unless you can fix that and provide this app fully functional/operational (set and forget), I’ll stick with a community created app.


That was more than 3 years ago… And, my smart Vent manager is a community app…

The ecobee auth issues were solved more than 2 years ago…

Then I never got the email for the updated version…

I may take a look at your smart vent dth, when I return from vacation.