Best Z-Wave Multibutton Scene Switch?

I missed out on buying one of the Enerwave ZWN-SC7-W switches a couple years ago before they vanished from stock, and I’ve been looking for a good replacement for something similar. Any suggestions for a scene switch that can do the following?

  1. Fit into a standard light switch receptacle in the wall
  2. Allow mappings in ST to either run a scene, or be used in WebCore (as a button push, etc.)
  3. Powered by line current vs. battery
  4. Doesn’t need to drive any actual load (just power for itself). I won’t have any real devices connected to these switches.
  5. Has several buttons to click, instead of relying on double/triple clicking like the various Homeseer types of switches, I have many of these, but wanted to have a couple central main scene drivers that are easier to use / identify

Does it have to be zwave? If you open up to zigbee, Adurosmart Eria is good. But they’re hard to find right now.

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When you say “run a scene” do you specifically mean run a zwave scene (local scene or central scene, these are two different command sets)? Or do you mean run a smartthings scene? These are very different functionality, and some of the devices that work for zwave scenes will not work for smartthings scenes because they don’t report button presses to the hub But instead rely on Z wave direct association.

Also, the smartthings platform has significantly changed in the way that buttons are managed between the old app and the new app, requiring some major updates to the DTHs, and not all of the original authors are still around to do those updates. So quite a few multi button devices that used to work don’t work right now, although some of them might be made to work again if somebody wants to put in the coding work. :thinking:

And to be honest, I just don’t feel a high degree of confidence that smartthings won’t change a bunch of stuff again over the next year, so I’m hesitant to suggest anybody invest in hardware for devices which currently seem to be in architectural flux.


My recommendation at present would be an inexpensive Wi-Fi phone as a wallmount control panel with one of the third-party customizable dashboards on it, either actiontiles or sharptools.


Here’s a recent thread discussing those options:

Ideally it can report button pushes to ST, in a similar way that the WS100 switches can send a different button code for a double tap, triple tap, etc. This would allow flexibility to map what those button pushes do (either through WebCORE, or using Advanced Button Controller). I agree with the hesitance based on the latest changes to ST. I’m not a fan of the new app at all, and once the new changes to the Device Handlers and whatever else they have planned in 2021 hit, I may just jump to HomeAssistant.

I’ve looked into the WiFi phone route, but that won’t fit into an existing switch plate. When I was remodeling, I had the contractor put in a few extra slots near my existing switches (so went from a 3-gang box to a 4-gang, where the fourth one just had line power, but no load to run).

I’m looking for Z-Wave as that’s what I have running in my house, and the only Zigbee device I have is close to the hub (battery powered), so I don’t think the ZigBee signal will reach these switch locations.

That’s using the “central scene” functionality of zwave, not “local scene.” So you’ll want to look for devices that have that capability.

Thanks. I didn’t know the difference. I guess I’m still back on the question since I can’t seem to find any decent multi-button scene controllers. It looks like the Enerwave 8 button replacement for the retired 7 button one never came out.

  1. Leviton still makes their VCRZ4 and @mwav3 has updated the DTH for the new app. It fits your requirements: mains powered, single gang, multi button, Z wave. But it’s very expensive, typically around $150. It’s still available for through installer channels, it’s harder to find retail but you should be able to find one. Again, just expensive.


(Note that this is not the VRCS4. That one relies on local scene controls and will not work for your purposes.)

Leviton also has a brand new Wi-Fi version of this device which cost about half as much. It does work with IFTTT, but I don’t know if it works directly with smartthings yet.

  1. Eaton Cooper makes a similar device, again, mains powered, Z wave, single gang.

This one has a very complex set up. @nathancu has done some work on a DTH for it, so look towards the end of the following thread, the original version won’t work with the new V3 app.

Cooper Aspire Scene Controller RFWC5 and RFWC5D Device Handler [beta release]

Comes in two different styles, one with a curve and one with a straight edge. Typically cost around $115, but you’ll have to shop around.

Gordon should have it in stock in both styles and several colors, but is usually one of the more expensive sellers.


( The suffix is the color code, like SG for silver granite, AW for alpine white, etc.)

I think that’s it as far as what is currently available, unless somebody else knows another one.

@TheSmartestHouse recently launched a new z wave, battery powered remote that looks just like their switches. It supports a variety of button presses (single, double, held, etc) and so far has been working very well for me to trigger SmartThings scenes.

Note that it was a beta product launch with limited availability initially, so it’s not quite available yet but hopefully it’ll be out soon, as I could use another one.

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They just released it yesterday


That’s a nice device, but it doesn’t meet the requirements that the OP listed in the first post.

For one thing, it’s not a multi button switch. Just different tap patterns on the same switch.

Also, it’s battery powered, not mains powered.

So I like the device, but I’m not sure it’s on topic for this thread.

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Stay tuned for a new Scene Controller coming real soon! It should check all of the boxes :wink:


Would be really awesome if you had a double light switch that fit in a single gang, so I could free up the slot for the Scene Controller you tease with.

Meaning one with two equally sized switches and almond cover option.

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Thanks for the info! Please keep us updated.

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Noted! For now we have the next best thing :upside_down_face:

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it looks amazing! Can’t wait to get it installed and setup.


Noice! Seeing things like this, makes me so glad I haven’t jumped on on the Jasco controllers.

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Just installed this. It took adding device handlers, but it was pretty straightforward and I’m pretty impressed with the documentation and functionality.


Hi guys,

Well after about 5 years my Enerwave ZWN-SC7-W seems to have gone bad. :slight_smile: Or maybe not…?

Today I saw that all 7 of the little LED buttons were lit. This normally happens after a power failure, but normally after a power failure, when you press a button the switch just works and all 7 little LEDs turn off except for the button you pressed.

However now when I press a button, that button flashes really fast for a few seconds, and then all 7 button LEDs blink on/off about 5 or 10 times. I tried removing power from the switch and restoring power to it, but the same thing happens.

Is there a way to fix this? Maybe it is not actually broken, but somehow its became unpaired, and the switch is just trying to tell me “hey, I’m not connected to your network any more…”?

I tried running a SmartThings “Scan” for new devices. But nothing was found. I did see the instructions for resetting to the factory defaults. First step is to press and hold the bottom button for 3 seconds and then the top 2 lights should turn on. I tried that, and indeed all lights turned off except for the top two lights!

I didn’t want to go any further without guidance from you guys, so I stopped there. But I’m thinking that maybe if I factor reset it, I can set it back up and it will work…?

Here’s my tentative plan, pending your feedback:

  • Go into SmartThings and Force Remove the device
  • Factor reset it
  • Set it up as new

Sound like a good plan? After doing this, will my existing DTH for it continue to work? I can’t remember how to even set that stuff up any more.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you!