Best thermostat integration for boiler and separate hot water tank (UK)

Hi, I’m looking to set up a smart thermostat to control my heating and hot water using temperature sensors in each room via SmartThings.

My current heating setup:
Ideal boiler
Hot water tank

From looking at the products available they are very limited and hardly any work with SmartThings.

So far I have found:

  1. Nest - no SmartThings integration (is it possible to add Nest thermostat and SmartThings to Google home?)

  2. Honeywell - only the Lyric is supported and it has very bad reviews

  3. Hive - not compatible with SmartThings

  4. Netatmo - doesn’t officially work with SmartThings and has issues with temperature update lags

  5. Tado - not compatible with SmartThings

Does anyone have any suggestions of what I can do?

Appreciate any ideas


Also consider wiser heat, there is often good deals on the bundles on amazon.

It’s good for retrofitting as the TRVs are relatively cheap

There is unofficial smartthings integration (hub2hub via a local api)

I use the wiser app for control (and sometimes use it’s direct google integration for control), but have it integrated with smartthings for monitoring (but control does work - at least in the classic app, I think it needs some more work for the new app)

Integration is unofficial, by an unpublished local api so could dissapear at any moment.

I only have a combi boiler, so im not sure if it controls a hot water tank

There have been two different unofficial Nest integrations for Smartthings. The first is effectively dead due to changes made by Google. The second currently works although I am wary about for how much longer it will. It is also paid for.

I agree regarding Honeywell. Their UK offerings are poor compared to the US.

Hive have just added HomeKit support to some of their products. However with regards to Smartthings here is another unofficial app

Netatmo in theory has official support as it is sort of advertised on the Smartthings site
Part of the problem is Smartthings are in the process of moving from the Classic app to the new App and it is still the case a lot of things do not work on the new App. However as you appear to have found the support is poor and it appears currently mostly broken.

Tado yet again do not provide an official app but see this.

As others have mentioned there is Drayton Wiser. Again unofficial.

Some people use basic Z-Wave room thermostat and TRVs.

There are three main standards for controlling boilers.

  1. Call for heat (the original ‘dumb’ method) supported by everything
  2. OpenTherm, a standard devised by Honeywell and released as an open standard and now supported by a number of brands including Ideal, Nest v3, Tado and Drayton Wiser
  3. eBus very similar to OpenTherm but proprietary, used by Vaillant and Worcester Bosch, supported by Tado but not on the newer Vaillant VR66 controller

OpenTherm and eBus allow ‘modulated’ control which is regarded as both more efficient and delivering better more even room temperatures.

Netatmo definitely do not support hot water control. I am doubtful that Hive and Honeywell do either. Nest v3 does and so does Tado and also I believe Drayton Wiser. Although whether that aspect is supported in Smartthings is another matter.

Netatmo, Tado, Drayton Wiser all have matching TRVs.


Thanks for this John, really thorough.

So overall there isn’t really a suitable product for the UK market yet.

What would you recommend as a stand alone product? Nest because at lease it can integrate into the Nest/Google ecosystem that can also control devices in Smartthings?

I am currently leaning towards Tado. Nest does not include any TRVs plus the fact that Google is gradually locking down access to their ecosystem making it less and less possible to integrate to other systems like Smartthings.

Tado is great and its easy to integrate with ST. Just follow the instructions and all works fine.
I’ve also got experience with Hive and its nowhere near as good as Tado. Sorry Hive users but its not!

Hi everyone
does the tado integration work with the new ST app ? i don’t see it in the official support list.

Also, has anyone installed a netatmo thermostat and integrated with ST app ?


My suggestion would be to stay away from thermostats at the moment

I have a netatmo it’s connected to smartthings but it only polls everything 3 hours which is frustrating.

Yea, there’s nothing really reliable to control via ST. Wonder when it will be fixed