Best Solutions for Mom

As Mother’s Day is coming up it got us thinking about which scenarios and devices available from SmartThings today, would most benefit a (non-technical) mom. If I was basing it on my wife, things like a smart curling iron app or a “never worry about leaving your garage open” solution.

What are the coolest, most thoughtful, scenarios we can CURRENTLY implement for dear old mom?


It’s funny that you posted this. I have been secretly putting together the parts to make my mom’s recliner smart. I have tested it with the ST multi, having it turn her reading lamp on when she sits down in her recliner. It works ok, but I have started an arduino project that will instead use the thing shield and a pressure sensor to control the light. The chair also has a heating function and I want to be able to turn it off if she forgets and leaves it on. Not ST related but the recliner has a storage compartment in one of the arms and I will be installing a tablet for control and a charge port for her cell phone.


Ahh… this is a topic that is near and dear to me since I have family and ‘non tech’ users in my environment regularly.

My mom and my mother in law love coming over since the doors automatically open when they arrive (Kwikset 910). This bit of ‘smarts’ has help when they have groceries, kids, or are unable to find their keys (it happens).

They each have a Smart Things Presence Sensor for identification. I have specific groups of lights that come on when they arrive (and shut off when they leave). I also automate the temperature (CT100) for when they arrive and depart (one likes it hot, the other cooler…). It’s nice to know when they actually arrive at my house, and when they depart, and items in my house shut off as necessary (heaters, lights, etc.)

We occasionally have a family member (Aunt) who stays with us off/on for a few weeks at a time, who has limited movement. I have a nexus 7 tablet with Action Tiles/Smart Tiles… with the tablet, she is able to quickly see who is at the front door, turn on/off lights, lock/unlock doors. It may not seem like a lot, but she really appreciates being able to control, operate and be informed of the environment from her bed.

“For people without a disability, technology makes things easier. For people with a disability, technology makes things possible.” …was her note to me and my family after staying with us over holiday.


This is great. This should be one of the SmartHome videos. Showing how it can be used by older/non-technical people really will help the cause!