Best remote temp sensors?

Looking to add smart stat 2Gig CT100 (1 upstairs/1 down), ST Hub and 2 remote sensors in kids rooms to monitor temp so air will kick on and circulate if set temp to high or low.

I saw ST sensors, monoprice etc. which are most accurate for a nursery?

may do vents in future but for now I’m happy with just getting air moving.

Will I be able to label the remote sensors for each room?

Thanks Mark, I saw that! Need one before then though unfortunately.

That thread is from last winter. Check out post #8 for the results.

FWIW I have three everspring ST814 Z-wave temp/humidity sensors (one in my kids’ room), which it looks like didn’t make it into that comparison. When I’ve compared each one to a NIST certified digital thermometer/hygrometer, they were each 1-2 degrees Fahrenheit off (mostly low IIRC), but each was consistent in how far off it was over time. With a community-developed device type, I could put in a temperature offset (the stock device type doesn’t include the temp offset). I’ve been pretty happy so far.