Best Mesh Router large square footage and Zigbee and Z-wave smart devices

I don’t. Everything I have is Zigbee or Z-wave connected to SmartThings v2 hub. The hub is Ethernet to eero mesh primary. That eero device is Ethernet to my ISP’s optical network terminal on the outside of the house.

To separate the two would require … two additional routers?

My Windows computers are probably more likely targets of hacking than the IoT gear

Because IOT for me is not just a convenience (I’m quadriparetic), I isolate my IOT network in part to protect that network from any denial of service that might come in through downloads and streaming services that my roommates might use for Entertainment.

Our security system and medical monitoring system are both separate yet again, with very limited cloud components.

Different things will work for different households, it all depends on what your concerns are, what the vulnerable vectors are, and of course how diligent the individual users will be. :wink:

I don’t, yet, have your physical challenges so IoT is purely for convenience. And I live in the country at the back of a gated neighborhood so have virtually no drive by traffic other than a few neighbors.

As a 30+ year IT professional, I’m probably less paranoid than I should be.

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Google WiFi Mesh won’t allow you to turn off either of the 2.4 or 5 GHz channels or to force devices to use either one, common with other systems that use the same SSID it seems? Apart from that, which doesn’t cause me an issue, I find it a great system. I have four WiFi mesh units each with ethernet backhaul to the main unit connected to the router. I hardwire everything I can, for max performance and min conflict potential, but have 40+ wifi connected devices out of c. 120 connected devices in total, no WiFi conflicts that I am aware of so far.

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