Best Bright White Bulb

I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good Bright White colored Bulb to integrate into my system. I have a Hue system but $60 per bulb gets expensive very fast. I have a couple GE Link bulbss but they are soft white only. I saw that TCP makes a bright white bulb but it requires another hub.

Is there something else I am missing out there or is TCP my cheapest option?

The chart near the end of this review compares most of the top brands for measured output. This includes the Hue Lux, Phillips’ white bulb ($30), Osram Lightify ($30, adjustable color temperature), Cree ($15), WeMo, GE Link ($15), and TCP.

I’m not sure if WeMo can work with SmartThings, and there have been a lot of complaints in the forums about TCP incompatibility.

At the time the review was written, the Osram didn’t work with SmartThings, but community member @Sticks18 has since written a custom smart device type for it so he can say more about the color tuning ( cool white to warm white).


TCP is the cheapest at about $18-20 per bulb; but you will need a starter kit because the TCP bulbs connect through their own hub and integrate cloud-to-cloud with ST. So if you just need 1 or 2 bulbs, the cost per bulb is at or above the Osram. If you’re going 3+, then the TCP will be cheaper. I would search around to check on how the integration with TCP is working though and consider the extra hassle of an additional hub.

The Osram Lightify is a really good bulb. Connects direct to ST. I modified the official Cree ST device-type to add the color temperature selection and provide some feedback on what that temp is close to. It ranges from soft white (2700K) all the way past the TCP daylight to 6500K, which is pretty blue.

Ok perfect that is the help I needed. I will be adding many more lights over the next few months.

It would be absolutely perfect if the GE Link was available in Daylight Color. Very easy to setup and cheap.

It sounds like for now the Osram lights are the best choice for me. I really don’t want to mess with another hub.