Best Brand? Is it OK to mix and match?


First, it’s really OK to mix and match. :sunglasses:

Second, there’s no one “best” because different people have different preferences, different models have different features, and of course different projects have different budgets.

The device class features FAQ list how some of the features will vary and why that matters to different people. So it’s a good place to start. (This is a clickable link) The light switch discussion starts around post 40 in that thread.

We should also note the different manufacturers specialize in different things. Leviton doesn’t make any zwave sensors, so if you wanted to have opening the closet door turn on a light, or just have a motion sensor detect movement on the stairway and turn on a light, and you wanted to use Leviton switches and outlets, you would still have to go to another brand for the sensors.

So again, mix-and-match is fine. :sunglasses: