Best Battery operated Scene controller wall or table mounted

I have been looking through all the community created device types for the perfect battery operated scene controller. My needs are:

  1. Wall or table mount
  2. Good clean looks
  3. Stable device type
  4. Easy to setup and program
  5. Truly hitech looking
  6. Not a small fortune, but might splurge if really good product

“perfect” is a tall order, and different people will have different requirements.

One popular device that might work well for you is the remotec ZRC90. It has eight buttons, each with tap, double tap, and long hold, which gives you 24 control options. Works well for either wall mount or table mount. It’s about the same size as a single wall switch. Cost under $50 and is available in both the EU and US zwave frequencies. It identifies as having 24 buttons, so it’s easy to use with the official smartlighting feature or with core. The only issue is that the buttons aren’t big enough to label individually if that’s a problem.

Alternatively, a $20 Wi-Fi phone from Walmart running smarttiles might also give you everything you need. The negatives there are deciding how to power it (unless you just get two and swap them back-and-forth between the wall and the charging station). And the fact that there’s no tactile feel.

There are some other options as well, but I think those two are the closest to your list.

One thing you you didn’t mention was how many different scenes you want to get from one device. That could make a big difference. :sunglasses:

I have SmartTiles now I am on the beta. But I was looking for something small and not as intrusive as my wife isn’t into the home Automation thing as much as I am. I have ActionTiles on my iPad, and it is great, but again I would have to use it in Kiosk mode, and I am not sure I want to go that way. I thought of using the Wink keypad and try the force it to run SmartTiles and SmartThings, but I am not sure how successful I would be doing the modification. I only have Mac’s here so I have no access to a Windows computer to fix it if necessary. I like the controller you are showing above, but I am wondering if it can come out of the case and fit into a box with a decora cover.

No I will keep it like it is. I was also thinking about the Nexia NX1000, a bit expensive, but looks cool.

@Darwin has a good review of the Nexia NX1000

As it stands this is my first choice and the ZRC-90 is second. Putting money away as i write this. A little each week and I will have time to decide which one is best for my home.

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Post withdrawn

The OSRAM Dimming Switch now works for this use case “natively.” My requirements - A button controller that:

a) Doesn’t require custom device types or handlers
b) Communicates with the ST Hub (Not directly to bulbs, etc)
b2) Giving me the ability to control or initiate any action, control any number of devices, etc using a SmartApp
c) Gives me 2+ “buttons” (This one has 4 when you use Button 1 and 2 along with long presses
d) Could look relatively normal installed on a wall (I would ABSOLUTELY prefer a main powered scene button controller that could be installed in a switch gangbox.

See full writeup here:

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