Beacons for presence (hardwired to car ignition?)

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Contemplating ways to automate my garage doors. I have two single doors, and always park the same vehicle in the same stall. I am looking for ways to automatically open/close the doors, without using a geofence on phones (security reasons). I was wondering if anyone had hardwired beacons to their ignitions, each broadcasting a different tag, and used something like an RPi as a receiver? My thinking is a unique beacon for each vehicle, then use Webcore to say “if xxxx beacon present, open garage door 1” and so forth for the second door and that vehicle. If wired to the ignition, it will only be visible when key is on, so I could open the door when leaving by turning the key on (but not starting until door starts going up), and open when arriving within range of the receiver (with, say a 5min cooldown between possible activations to prevent the door going nuts). Does this sound feasible, or am I barking up the wrong tree?

I also considered having my wife and I’s phones as receivers to a single garage-mounted beacon, but this would create problems with being at home, as well as the fact I have an android and she an iphone, and we sometimes switch vehicles.

For the openers themselves, I have them integrated to ST via a Konnected board and relays, and have tilt sensors for open/closed awareness, so that part isn’t an issue.

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No, just here

I was always taught that you should open the garage door before starting the car, because of carbon monoxide.

Apparently there’s data to back that up:

Of course. That’s not the idea here. The idea is to rig it to the accessory ON of the ignition, so i turn the key on, garage door starts opening, and I start it. In that order.

If all your family members have the discipline to wait each time, OK. I know in my household people would go ahead and crank the engine before the door was open. :scream:

By the way, you can check the instructions for radar detectors as far as connecting to the ignition, it should be the same thing. Some car models do have fuses which can be started from the key, but some don’t.

I do have an automated garage door but it is used for closing the door and not opening it. It just seems so simple to just press the button than to worry about false triggers.

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