Battery wall light switch?

I know this has been talked about a ton…but I cannot find a clear answer.

I am looking for a battery operated wall light switch that looks like a regular switch.

I know there are ones that have a ton of buttons, I am just looking for a simple on/off. If it has dim thats OK.

It will be operating a GE Link bulb or a Philips Hue bulb.

I would like it to talk to ST directly if possible, that way I can have it do whatever I want if needed.


You want the Cooper/Eaton RF9500.

I have about 12 of these.

Device Handler
Smart App to sync multiple RF9500

I might have cleaned Amazon out. Another place I’ve got them…


See the following list. There are several options. The Cooper 9500 does look the most like a regular switch, but there are other choices as well. :sunglasses:

This might be helpful as well

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Thanks, since I have a Hue hub, I might try one of their wall remotes. I think they are around $25.

If that does not work, then Cooper here I come.

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I have both the Hue switches and the Cooper RF9500.

I find the Hue switches are great for selecting scenes (comprised of only Hue bulbs) and as an added benefit, they do not (specifically the Tap) require batteries. But they do not quite fit the bill for a normal looking wall switch and they leave my non-Hue lights in the dark. Also, the Cooper switch definitely looks the part.

Moreover, the Cooper switch can be used to trigger any number of events through ST. I have some of them triggering music on my Sonos, adjusting my shades, or triggering a combo of events… Might be worth a consideration.


Got the Cooper, added and modified the device with ericvitale code.

Now I need to figure out how to trigger the light. Button presses show in the app.

Open smart lighting and see if the Cooper shows up as a light switch or as a button controller. (I depend on text to speech, so I can’t read code and I don’t know what the “capabilities” are in the device type handler you chose.)

It may even show up as both.

When you start a new smart lighting automation the first thing it asks you is what lights you want to control. If the Cooper shows up on that list, it’s a switch.

After you select something from that first list, it will ask you how you want to trigger that switch. Select button pressed. If the Cooper shows up on that next list, it’s a button controller. :sunglasses:

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Did this work for you? I haven’t tried that device handler, but if you are registering button presses, you should be good to link them into supporting smart apps. I’m using @thegilbertchan - "Cooper RF9500 (all buttons) device handler. I pair it with the Button Controller app.

Looking at the EricVitale RF9500 - Beast app, it appears to support both switch and button capabilities. Should also work with the Button Controller Smart App.

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Yes, it is working great, I have it controlling a Hue bulb in a lamp.

On/off works great, can’t get the dim working…but not sure if that is a Hue thing.

I can try the code you mentioned to see if it helps.

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