Battery powered Z-wave momentary relay/contact options

This question has been asked before, but there aren’t any. :disappointed_relieved:

That said, if all you need is a button pushed, there is a battery powered networked microbot device which is intended as a tiny robot finger. I use these in my own home. They aren’t Zwave: they use Bluetooth to their own bridge, which uses Wi-Fi and has an IFTTT channel, so you can get integration with SmartThings or echo that way. The biggest drawback is the cost: typically $89 for the bridge and $49 for each microbot, although you can sometimes get a set on sale for less.

I’m tired today so I’m just going to give you a link to a recent thread where we discuss them and you can find out more that way if you’re interested. But it’s a really nice simple way to integrate a non-smart device that just needs a Button press. No wiring required and it won’t void the warranty on the original device.

And a previous discussion thread on the relay topic, but with the same answer: